CaTS Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the CaTS 2018 Satisfaction Survey conducted in the Spring Semester. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our services, and your feedback is crucial in helping us set our goals for the future. 

You can view the full results of the survey here:
2018 CaTS Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Survey Statistics

  • Surveys Completed: 839
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction rose from 85% in 2017 to 89% in 2018 
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction among faculty and staff rose from 95% in 2017 to 97% in 2018 
  • Customer Satisfaction among students rose from 63% in 2017 to 79% in 2018 

Survey Themes

Several themes were identified from this year’s survey responses: 

  1. Theme: Concerns Regarding the Limited Help Desk Hours  
    Action Taken: Based upon data collected last year before the change to the Help Desk hours of operation (more information can be viewed at, 95% of all Help Desk calls were made during the current Help Desk hours. Before the change went into effect, CaTS Data Center staff were trained to reset PINs, passwords, and create tickets after hours for the Help Desk to review. Additionally, full-time staff members and student workers are here until classes are complete during the week to assist with evening classroom calls. Active faculty, staff, and students can also utilize the new self-service portal in ServiceNow to submit both incidents and requests 24 hours a day without having to contact the Help Desk directly. CaTS is constantly evaluating metrics and our customer’s needs, and will make changes going forward if necessary. 
  2. Theme: Improve Wireless Connectivity
    Action Taken: CaTS is continuously looking for ways to improve wireless connectivity throughout campus. A wireless survey was sent out to students to help address common issues within our wireless environment. Based on the survey, CaTS made significant wireless changes. These changes included wireless improvements throughout the classrooms, tunnels, and the Dunbar Library. CaTS has removed multiple rogue wireless devices connected to our network that can prevent a reliable wireless connection. CaTS has also addressed wireless speeds by implementing plans to add additional wireless access points. In addition to these improvements, CaTS received capital funding which will allow us to perform large-scale wireless upgrades throughout the Dayton Campus. These changes are currently set to take place after the holidays. Our wireless usage has grown exponentially throughout the years, and as a result, CaTS will continue to strive to keep pace with the growing wireless demand. 
  3. Theme: Banner 9 Admin and Windows 10 Training
    Action Taken: General Banner 9 Admin and Windows 10 training began being offered earlier this year, and covered general navigation and the new look and feel of both systems. As these services become more utilized (I.e. Banner 8 Admin no longer being available, upgrading to Windows 10 in departmental offices), additional workshops will be available. One-on-one and group training session requests for these services can be submitted to We are happy to schedule training sessions with you to fit your needs. 
  4. Theme: Notification of Phishing Scams
    Action Taken: Wright State has been the target of a variety of phishing scams over the past year. In order to better address these scams, CaTS recently restructured the Help Desk to include staff in charge of sending out communications, to more accurately and quickly notify campus of these scams. Our Help Desk has also developed an email to be sent out at the beginning of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters to inform you of the best way to protect yourself against phishing attacks, in an effort to increase awareness of what to look for when you receive a suspicious email.

Thank you again for your feedback on this year's survey.