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Office of Inclusive Excellence

Dayton Campus Resources

The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, as amended by the 1998 Campus Security Act Amendment, requires that students and others, including professional staff, paraprofessional staff, and faculty report any crime to the Wright State University campus police. The sexually assaulted person must immediately be advised of these legal obligations (sic), and a report must be made to the Wright State campus police. In reports of this kind, the name of the sexually assaulted person is not provided unless the individual requests that her/his name be released or as required by law (University Policy 1270).

Internal Resources

  • Wright State University Campus Police
    • 937-775-2111 or 911
    • Provides law enforcement support services and referrals.
    • Facilitates prosecution through federal/state laws.
    • Issues timely reports to the campus community to prevent similar crimes.
    • Assists in sexual assault awareness education
  • Counseling and Wellness Services
    • 937-775-3407
    • Offers 24/7 crisis intervention via Raider Cares (855) 884-2887
    • Provides confidential counseling and support services.
    • Distributes sexual assault awareness materials.
  • Student Health Services
    • 937-775-2552
    • Assists students with medical needs such as testing for sexually transmitted infections
  • Student Legal Services
    • 937-775-5857
    • Assists students by helping victims of assault obtain Protection Orders
    • Advocate on student's behalf in court proceedings
    • Advise and often represent students accused of sexual assault
  • Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct
    • 937-775-4240
    • Facilitates recourse through the university’s judicial system, criminal prosecution, or both.
    • Complaints against students should be filed with the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct
  • Office of Student Support Services
    • 937-775-3749 or 937-260- 0167 24/7 on-call assistance
    • Provides educational programming, crisis intervention, advocacy, and referral services for sexually assaulted students.
    • Distributes sexual assault awareness materials.
    • Coordinates the University’s Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program.
    • Coordinates accomodations for students including housing and academic relocations, campus restraining orders, counseling etc.
    • CASA (Coalition Against Sexual Assault)
      • Committee members represent: students, staff, faculty, and local community agencies.
      • Coordinates a campus and community wide approach to the delivery of sexual assault education and services.
  • Office of LGTBQA Affairs
    • 937-775-4611
    • Provides supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault
    • Distributes sexual assault awareness materials
  • Women’s Center
    • 937-775-4524
    • Provides supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault.
    • Distributes sexual assault awareness materials.
    • Implements sexual assault prevention & educational programs.
  • Residence Life
    • 937-775-4172
    • Provides crisis intervention referrals
    • Distributes and promotes sexual assault awareness education materials and programs.
    • Provides assistance in modifying housing/living arrangements.

External Resources