Changes in Status


If you decide to resign, give your department at least two weeks notice. If you have a year or more of state service, you are entitled to receive pay for earned but unused vacation. A member of Human Resources benefits staff will provide you with information about your health insurance termination date and options available to continue insurance coverage.  Documents and information regarding Ohio Public Employee’s Retirement System (OPERS) withdrawal options will also be provided.   

Any university property and university-issued identification must be returned to the appropriate department and all outstanding obligations to the university paid.


Unclassified employees of the university who have been hired as continuing employees can be terminated by the university. Employees can be terminated for just cause as provided in applicable laws, rules, and regulations, or because of financial exigency, without notice. In compliance with Wright State’s dispute resolution procedure, unclassified staff members can appeal a just-cause termination.

Employees who are terminated without just cause will be given the minimum written notification of termination specified in the following table. The term of employment used in determining the notification period includes only continuous employment at Wright State University as a classified and unclassified staff member and/or as a faculty member.

Notice of termination without cause will be as follows:

Term of Employment Notification
Less than 3 years  2 months
At least 3 years but less than 6 years  6 months
At least 6 years but less than 15 years  9 months
15 or more years  12 months (1 year)

Personal Data Changes

Changes in your personal information should be reported promptly to Human Resources. Changes may include your name, address or telephone number, marital status, income tax exemption, insurance beneficiary or coverage as from single to family plan. This information is necessary, in part, for accurate payroll preparation and tax deductions, to ensure appropriate insurance coverage, and for emergency notification. Your supervisor should also have your current address and telephone number.

The information in your personnel file, except for information identified by Ohio law as confidential, is available for review by you or the public. If you wish to review information contained in your personnel file, contact Human Resources.