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Strategic Hire Procedures & Timelines

Strategic Hire Procedures as of December 2020

It is imperative that Wright State continue to prioritize bringing operating expenses in line with future anticipated revenue. Given well over 70 percent of annual university spending is in the form of compensation, it is the most strategically important expense category around which we must focus our effort as we work toward a sustainable operating model.

The most effective strategy we can employ to positively impact our people and our operating expense is to critically review position vacancies that occur. Hiring fewer people and investing in our employees to develop diversified skillsets will allow them and our institution to be resilient. College and division leadership are expected to comply with the continued freeze on hiring, but we recognize that situations may arise requiring positions to be filled to perform critical functions. In these instances, proposals for new hires will be reviewed by the Strategic Hire Committee (SHC) following the process below.

Committee Members: Greg Sample, Burhan Kawosa, Shari Mickey-Boggs, Sommer Todd


  • 100 percent externally funded positions will flow through regular workflow and, if funding exists, they are approved for immediate hire without review by the Strategic Hire Committee.
  • All other positions, including special contract renewals, will be required to complete the Strategic Hiring Proposal in PeopleAdmin, providing complete information around organizational planning efforts and justification for the position.
  • If additional information or context is required, Nova Lasky will contact the unit for further discussion. The executive-level leader for the unit (e.g., dean or vice president) will be the point of contact for any follow-up requests.
  • The Strategic Hire Committee will review proposals and determinations will be communicated to the unit. This will now be the first approval queue outside of the unit. Only approved positions will continue through the remainder of the approval workflow.
  • Expedited hire requests will continue on a limited basis. After submitting completed position information and Strategic Hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin, send an email request for expedited hire to Nova Lasky as a point of contact. Discussion on these requests will occur outside of scheduled SHC meetings and may be fast-tracked for approval due to health, safety, compliance, and accreditation requirements (legal and academic).

The SHC will meet on the first Thursday of each month. Submission lead time needed for SHC review will vary based on the amount of follow up required. Complete and thorough responses on the strategic hiring proposal will help to reduce review time.