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Staff Handbook

Employment Policies and Practices

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Advertising Position Vacancies

The university normally advertises position vacancies in both internal and external publications. External postings are advertised in local, regional, and occasionally, national newspapers or publications, appropriate professional and trade journals, and targeted internet sites. Some vacancies can also be posted for current WSU employees only and are posted on WSU’s employment website.

Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

The hiring process begins when the employing department submits a position posting via online applicant tracking system. Prior to submission to Human Resources, the position must be approved by the hiring manager and the appropriate administrative authority. Title, salary, position description and job requirements, and advertising for the vacancy must be approved through Human Resources.

Hiring practices for unclassified positions are somewhat decentralized and are filled in compliance with the EEO goals and objectives of the university and with the involvement of the hiring department and appointed search committee.

Hiring practices for classified positions are more centralized and are filled in compliance with Ohio Revised Code as well as EEO goals and objectives of the university.

Screening procedures, such as testing and interviewing, are consistent with applicable laws and best practices.

Applying as an Internal Applicant

Employees may apply and be considered for any available position at Wright State. Classified employees who are still in their probationary period may apply for positions within Wright State provided the positions are in the same or lower pay grade.

Classified Internal Transfer Procedure

Wright State University values filling new and vacant classified positions with qualified current employees. The Internal Transfer Procedure provides a process for giving first consideration to classified, non-bargaining unit staff. If there is ever a conflict between the internal posting procedure and the Ohio Revised Code and civil service procedures, the Ohio legal and administrative procedures will prevail.
Employees must meet all of the following criteria to be considered for interview:

  • Be actively employed, and on the Wright State University payroll (positions that are excluded include, but are not limited to, interim appointments, and probationary employees);
  • Be in a classified, non-bargaining unit position;
  • Meet the minimum qualifications for the position;
  • Be employed in current position for at least one year;
  • Not be on a Performance Improvement Plan at the time of application.


We have family members or relatives working at Wright State; remember we are like a small city. However, consistent with the provisions of University Policy 8010, an individual normally is not hired or assigned to a position under the supervision of a relative who may have an effect on his or her progress, performance, or salary.