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Labor Relations Overview

The members of the Labor Relations team interpret university policies, procedures, regulations, labor contracts, as well as state and federal laws for managers of bargaining unit employees and individual non-faculty bargaining unit employees.

We promote effective labor-management communications and attempt to resolve conflicts and problems before the filing of a formal grievance. We also provide guidance to supervisors, managers and administrators to address workplace issues with bargaining unit employees.

We are responsible for negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements with the Teamsters Local No. 957 and Fraternal Order of Police/Ohio Labor Council (FOP/OLC) and we facilitate the Labor –Management Committee process in accordance with the respective collective bargaining agreements.

Our primary Labor Relations functions are:

  • Interpretation of policy, collective bargaining agreements and relevant law for bargaining unit members and their managers
  • Negotiation of non-faculty collective bargaining agreements
  • Facilitation of the Labor-Management Committees
  • Determination of due process meeting outcomes
  • Administration of the final step in the grievance process

We look forward to facilitating positive workplace relationships and assisting in the creation of a productive work environment for Wright State University bargaining unit employees in order to encourage the transformation of the lives of our students and the communities we serve.

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