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Internal Promotion - Competitive

Below are the steps for the competitive internal promotion process:

  • Create a posting in PeopleAdmin.
  • Under the 'Documents' section of the posting, attach a brief memo outlining the reasons why an external search would not result in a more qualified candidate.
  • Once the position is approved by all parties, it is posted within the university, department, unit, college or school for a minimum of 5 business days.
    • If posting within the university, select 'For WSU Employees Only' option when completing the position posting in PeopleAdmin.
    • If posting within department, unit, college or school, select 'Internal Promotion - Competitive' option when completing the position posting in PeopleAdmin.
  • All eligible, qualified candidates who apply must be given consideration for the position and applicable university employment procedures followed.
  • Internal applicants who are to be interviewed must be submitted to Human Resources for approval via PeopleAdmin before the interview process can begin.
  • Once a finalist is selected, initiate and submit a Hiring Proposal via PeopleAdmin.
  • Upon approval, send a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the individual receiving promotion and a copy of the offer letter to Human Resources.