Your Rights

Knowing Your Rights

It is important that you know your rights as a classified employee. Human Resources staff members are available to:

  • provide guidance in conflict resolution and avoidance,
  • interpret university employment policy, and
  • supply information about privileges accorded you at both the university and state level.

State Personnel Board of Review

Wright State’s Human Resources functions as part of the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services. We are reviewed annually by the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services to ensure that the university’s employment practices meet their high standards.   

Classified employees have significant rights under the Ohio Revised Code.  (This process does not apply to collective bargaining unit employees). You can appeal:

  • Results of a position audit
  • University’s refusal to perform a position audit
  • Removal
  • Suspension (more than four days)
  • Fines
  • Disciplinary reduction in pay or position
  • Layoff
  • Job abolishment
  • Displacement
  • Transfer
  • Disability separation.

Additional information regarding the SPBR is available from the SPBR at:

65 East State Street, 12th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(Voice) (614) 466-7046
(Fax) (614) 466-6539

Ohio Civil Service Laws

As a civil service employee, you are entitled to the protection and benefits of civil service as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 124. These statutes govern many aspects of your job. Consequently, Wright State’s employment practices have been established in accordance with the state’s civil service laws. Copies of the Ohio Revised Code are available in the employee relations office and the University Libraries.

Other Safeguards

In addition to the privileges noted above, various federal, state, and local laws govern some other conditions of your employment. Two of the most important federal laws are the Fair Labor Standards Act, which addresses compensation issues, and the Family Medical Leave Act (see page 29).