Total Compensation Study

Advisory Committee

In October 2014, Human Resources announced that with support from the President, Provost, and VP for Business & Finance, we will begin the process of modernizing the compensation system and structure for unclassified staff employees. The process will, in part, guide our future compensation direction for all non-faculty positions as we intend to undertake a Total Compensation study and have therefore encouraged classified staff employees participation as well.

After reviewing thirty applications, taking into consideration the highly preferred qualifications of a committee member as well as our commitment to a well-rounded representation of the Wright State non-faculty members, a committee of fourteen members was selected.   At this time, we would like to introduce to the Wright State Community our Total Compensation Advisory Committee which will work in partnership with Human Resources over the next 18 months.

Mary Ellen Ashley, Enrollment Management
Dawn Banker, College of Liberal Arts
Bill Bigham, University Development
Lisa Bleeke, Library Administration
Teresa Carroll, CaTS
Luchanna Davis, Enrollment Management
Colleen Hayden, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine
Tina Heigel, University Controller
Dieter Nevels, Business Office, School of Medicine
Karen Strider-Iiames, Communications & Marketing
Amanda Watkins, Veteran & Military Center

The Total Compensation Advisory Committee will now come together and develop its working relationships, evaluate the work that lies ahead, and begin the RFP process to receive bids from qualified consulting firms experienced in the development of a total compensation system within higher education to serve as our external partner.

If you run into any of these individuals, please thank them for their willingness to serve and their commitment to this important work.

Date of Communication:  November 20, 2014