Civil Service Policies and Procedures

Types of Employment

Wright State University has three types of employment based on the job duties and the relationship to the university.  Each employment category may be broken down further depending on the length of appointment, funding source, and whether or not the classification is in a bargaining unit. Each person hired by Wright State University is placed in one of the following categories and rank, or titles. More information is available in University Policy 8205.


  • Tenure Track
  • Non-Tenure Track
  • Adjunct

Unclassified (Exempt) – An individual without fully affiliated academic rank, appointed to a position outside the classified service including involving professional, administrative, or educational duties, is an unclassified employee according to Ohio civil service law. An unclassified staff member may be employed either full-time or part-time, and is considered a regular employee when he or she enters into continuing employment with the university to work on either full-time or part-time basis for an indefinite period. A special contract employee is one who is employed to perform duties or assignments for a specific period of time, usually one year or less. An unclassified employee’s entitlement to and participation in benefits is partially governed in part by these classifications.

Classified (Non-Exempt) - Persons who are classified civil servants pursuant to Section 124.11 of the Ohio revised Code. Under Ohio law, employees of a state university, except those engaged in teaching, research, and administration, are appointed under civil service. This includes all hourly paid positions except a limited number of grant funded research positions. Civil service employees are entitled to the protection and benefits of civil service as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 124. These statutes govern many aspects of the employee’s job. Consequently, Wright State’s employment practices have been established in accordance with the state’s civil service laws.

Civil Service Exam

Several position classifications at Wright State University require civil service pre-employment examinations. Examinations are used by the university to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for successful performance on the job. Examinations will measure the individual’s education and experience and will assess his or her technical skills using computer-based skill evaluators.

The university grants people with disabilities reasonable accommodations upon request to assist them with pre-employment examinations. Information about requesting accommodations for this purpose can be found on University Policy 8000.

Examination administration:

  • Human Resources administers all civil service exams.  
  • Applicants with disabilities who may require accommodations to take an examination are responsible for notifying Human Resources prior to the examination date.
  • In order to take the pre-employment examination, an individual must first apply for a posted position and meet the minimum qualifications for that position.
  • Those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are contacted by Human Resources to schedule a time and date for testing.
  • University employees may be released from work without loss of pay to compete in a university civil service examination. The university may limit the granting of such time off to two occasions in any one calendar year.
  • An applicant may retake a civil service examination. In order to retake an exam, the applicant must first apply for a posted position. All the computer application exams such as Word, Excel, Access, etc. can be taken every two weeks. The competitive exams such as Math, Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, etc. can be taken every four months. Human Resources may waive this rule at its discretion. 
  • Human Resources may cancel or postpone a scheduled examination at its discretion. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify applicants of such cancellation or postponement.
  • Veteran’s Preference Points – In order to receive a military service credit of twenty percent of the overall passing score, the applicant must supply a copy of his/her DD-214 on or before the examination date or with the employment application. The documentation must show that the applicant was in active military service or reserves for the United States and obtained an honorable discharge.