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How to Enroll

Once again, all benefit eligible employees MUST re-enroll, change or waive healthcare coverage for 2019 via the Online Open Enrollment system available on WINGS Express from November 1 through November 14. Your election is a 5 Step Process:

Step 1:  View & print your current 2018 benefits
Step 2:  Verify and/or add new dependents
Step 3:  Choose your 2019 healthcare elections or Waive coverage
Step 4:  Link your dependents to your 2019 healthcare elections
Step 5:  Submit & print your 2019 Benefits Summary


  • Instructions “noted in red” are at the top of several online screens.
  • Enrollment is not complete until “SUBMIT” is clicked and you receive a confirmation email.
  • If you re-enter after your submission and make any changes, your elections will be erased and you will need to repeat Steps 1-5, ending with another “Submit.”

Online Open Enrollment Tools:

2019 Elections Checklist Staff & Non-Bargaining Faculty (PDF)
2019 Elections Checklist Bargaining Unit Faculty (PDF)
Open Enrollment 5-Step Process Summary (PDF)


Health Benefits Summary - Current

***View & print current benefits***

You will see your current 2018 benefit elections and dependents assigned to each benefit.


Beneficiaries and Dependents

***Verify your dependents (add new)***

You will see yourself and applicable dependents – please check information for accuracy.

If needed, you can add a dependent at this time.

Note: Some dependents listed may be previous healthcare dependents which cannot be deleted. Also, some individuals may be life insurance beneficiaries.


Healthcare Elections

***Choose your healthcare elections or waive coverage***

After selecting, “Start Open Enrollment,” you will see two sections: Health and Flex Spending

Select “Health” to perform the following:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision plans – select a plan or page down to bottom to waive coverage
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) – you can elect payroll deductions if a High Deductible Health Plan participant
  • Domestic Partner enrollments (AAUP Faculty Only) – available for all three benefits
  • Older Adult Child (age 26‐28) enrollments (AAUP Faculty Only) – available for all three benefits

Select “Flex Spending” to contribute to one or both of these two benefits:

  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending
  • Healthcare Flexible Spending (Non-HDHP participants only)

Note: If you are changing to a different medical plan, you will need to enter the current plan, select the “Stop Benefit” button; then the online system will allow you to select your desired new plan.

After you have made all your selections, you will need to select the “Open Enrollment” link in the middle of your page. This will return you to the primary Step 3 screen, which will have a “Complete” button you need to select prior to moving on to Step 4.

If you later desire to review or make changes, you can “Reopen Open Enrollment” at any time, but remember you will always need to select “Complete” before moving to Step 4 and Step 5.


Coverage and Allocations Summary

***LINK your dependents to your healthcare elections***

Scroll to the bottom of Step 4, you will see your elected benefit: health, dental and vision, and if applicable, Domestic Partner and/or Older Adult Child enrollments.

For each line item, you will need to select “Coverage Details.”

This will take you to a second screen which will present you and if applicable, your dependents.  You want to ensure that you and all your dependents are present, and then you need to review the “begin date” and “end date” to ensure they are “linked” to your selected benefit election.  Instructions are in red at the top of page.

Note:  If you are selecting a different medical plan for 2019, or if you are adding a new dependent, you will need to check these dates to ensure 01/01/2019 is entered as the “Begin date.”

Once the first benefit is complete, select “Coverage and Allocations Summary” at the bottom of screen.  You will need to repeat this process for each listed benefit.


Health Benefits Summary - Next Year 

***Submit & print your benefits summary***

Final Step . . . you need to review your elections, make corrections if applicable, and when satisfied that all is correct, you need to “SUBMIT” your elections, at which time you will receive a confirmation email.

  1. You will need to confirm the statements by "clicking" the boxes if information is correct.
    NOTE: If electing High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you will be asked to confirm a fourth statement regarding your eligibility for a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  2. Once you confirm the statements, the "SUBMIT" button will appear for you to "click".
  3. After you "SUBMIT", you will receive the following messages and an email confirmation will be sent to your Wright State email.

    - "Your elections have been confirmed. To make changes, return to Step 3 and "Reopen Open Enrollment"
      Remember, if you re-enter this Benefit Election site and make any changes, you will erase this submission, and subsequently will need to complete Steps 1-5 again including a re-submission of your
    - "Thank you for Completing Your Enrollment!"
  4. Please note the important message regarding "RE-ENTRY AFTER SUBMISSION".

    - Changes after a "SUBMIT" will erase your elections; thus you will need to repeat the 5 Step process including another "SUBMIT" in Step 5.
    - You will not receive an immediate email that your elections have been "erased", however, you will eventually begin receiving emails the last week of enrollment indicating your election is "not completed".
    - If you re-enter, make a change, and re-submit your elections, you will receive a second email confirmation.
  5. Additional steps are required if your elections fall into one of the following "NEW" elections. Please watch for an additional email detailing required actions.

    a. "First Time" Enrollee in the High Deductible Health Plan
    b. Adding a "NEW" Older Adult Child(ren) (AAUP Faculty Only)
    c. Establishing a "NEW" Domestic Partnership (AAUP Faculty Only)