Continuation of Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits After Separation

Who is eligible for continuation of health and dental insurance

- an employee after termination, unless termination is the result of gross misconduct
- a covered spouse after divorce or legal separation
- covered dependents after death of the employee
- covered children when they no longer qualify as eligible dependents

How long can the coverage be purchased?

- the terminated employee can purchase the coverage up to 18 months
- the dependent who loses coverage can purchase up to 3 years
- in some cases a disabled employee can purchase the coverage for 29 months

What is the cost?

Cost for continued coverage is 102% of the total premium paid by the university.

You may purchase coverage for any or all persons on your policy at the time of termination.

How is COBRA coverage initiated?

You will receive an enrollment form from United Medical Resources (UMR), our COBRA administrator, after the qualifying event. You will have 60 days in which to respond. If elected, coverage will begin the first day after coverage through Wright State was terminated.

In the case of a dependent’s losing coverage, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform the Department of Human Resources of the termination of the dependent’s coverage.

For additional information contact, Barbara Gullett, at (937) 775-2373, Beth Gisewite, at (937) 775-4975, Debra Thomas at (937) 775-4223 or Brenda Williams at (937) 775-4220.