COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) allows you or a dependent covered under medical, dental, vision and/or health care Flexible Spending Accounts benefits to continue coverage when it is lost due to any of the following qualifying status changes:

• Termination of employment (unless termination is the result of gross misconduct)
• A reduction in the number of hours of employment that affects benefits eligibility
• Divorce or legal separation/termination of same-sex domestic partnership
• Employee’s death (for eligible dependents)
• Child ceases to be eligible for coverage

Cost for continued coverage is 102% of the total premium.  The COBRA enrollee is responsible for the premium.  Wright State University makes no contribution towards the cost of coverage.  Coverage may be purchased for any or all persons on your policy at the time of termination.

Depending on the reason for the loss of coverage, the maximum coverage continuation period may vary as outlined below:

• A terminated employee can purchase the coverage up to 18 months
• A dependent who loses coverage can purchase up to 36 months

If you or your dependents become eligible for COBRA enrollment, you will receive an enrollment application from United Medical Resources (UMR), our COBRA administrator.  You will have 60 days to enroll in the coverage.  If elected, coverage will begin the first day after coverage through Wright State was terminated.  In the case of a dependent losing coverage, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform Human Resources of the termination of the dependent’s coverage.

United Medical Resources (UMR) is available to answer questions at (800) 826-9781, or feel free to direct questions to