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2016 Wright Path to Retirement

Wright Path to Retirement

Below are the presentations that we were given permission to share:

STRS Benefits Information - State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS)

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This breakout session is recommended for members who are early, middle or near retirement. The purpose of this session is to become familiar with STRS Ohio Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution or Combined Plan benefits. STRS will explain service retirement, purchasable service credit, disability protection, survivor benefits and health care coverage. They will also review legislation that may affect your retirement.
Presented by– Shara D. Bailey, Coordinator of Higher Education Retirement Plans, STRS 

Building a Financial Plan and Investment Strategy - Demma-Novak Wealth Management

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  1. Goals, Resources, and Risks:  A brief discussion of the common goals, types of   resources used to meet these goals and the various risks that might get in the way.
  2. Building the Plan:  We’ll go through a step by step example of how to build a financial plan.
  3. Understanding the Results:  We’ll review the planning results, how to compare different scenarios, selecting a portfolio to meet target risk/return objectives, and a brief discussion on ways to improve portfolio construction to fit the financial plan (diversification, volatility, controlling costs, etc.).
  4. Q&A:  General questions and answers.

Presented by – Mark J. Demma, Managing Director, Demma-Novak Wealth Management

Retirement Readiness: Retire or Rewire - IMPACT Solutions

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Most agree the 3rd phase of life should be the reward for major life challenges we have completed. Our accomplishments should be rewarded by sitting back and kicking up our heels. In spite of this theory the unprepared commonly become unfulfilled, returning to the workforce feeling disappointed and bored. In this workshop we will explore the key components for a fulfilling, rewarding 3rd stage of life. Design and process retirement strategies for leisure, recreation, health, wellness, housing, socialization, spirituality, volunteerism, and yes, even explore a new career!
Presented by: Kelsey Loushin, LICDC, IMPACT Solutions

Digging Up Dollars: How to create a spending plan - Ohio Deferred Compensation

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Whether you are starting your career or are approaching retirement, this action planning workshop will help you assess your retirement readiness and help you dig up extra dollars for savings.  During the session, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Shana Sellers, will help you define your money behaviors, create your own spending plan and develop a strategy around your savings.
Presented By: Shana L. Sellers, Retirement Specialist, Ohio Deferred Compensation

Education Today for Retirement Tomorrow - Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)

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This one-hour presentation is for OPERS members in the Traditional Pension Plan who are eligible to retire after Jan. 7, 2018 (Groups B and C). This presentation provides tips on how you can be proactive when preparing for retirement and discusses key timeline decisions you will need to make prior to retirement.  

  • Earning and purchasing service credit
  • Disability and survivor benefits
  • Retirement benefits and decisions
  • General information about the OPERS Health Care Plan
  • Importance of saving more for retirement
  • Social Security
  • Preparing for retirement throughout your career
  • Resources available
  • Q & A                                                                                                                               

Presented by: Ross Morgan, Educator, OPERS

Marketplace Health Benefits - HORAN

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  • Defining the Marketplace
  • Explaining its function
  • Exploring the levels of coverage  
  • Premium subsidies qualifications
  • Benefits design considerations

Presented by: Jennifer Johnson, Service Representative, HORAN

15 Financial Myths Demystified AXA Equitable

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Common misconceptions about financial strategies can interfere with your future.  For instance, do you think you have enough life insurance through your job?  What happens if you leave?  Do you think your portfolio should feature proven “winners” only?  Do you think Estate Planning is only for the super wealthy?  Learning the truth can help you protect your future.
Presented by: Glynnis Reinhart, Financial Professional, AXA