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Singles Waiting List Form

The singles waiting list is designed for students living in Honors, Hamilton and the Woods only

Singles Waiting List Forms are not considered until after initial assignments are made

Policies and Procedures

A waiting list for students requesting a single room is begun once all single rooms are assigned. After the assignment process for the fall semester is complete, the singles waiting list will be monitored for the duration of the academic year.

Requests do not carry over from one academic year to the next. Residents will be contacted in waiting list order, as units become available. Once a unit is available, the student's bursar account must be up to date and free of holds for the student to be eligible. Any student who is ineligible at the time a room becomes available will be notified in writing of his or her ineligibility, and the student's name will be moved to the bottom of the singles unit waiting list.

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By 'signing' this form, I am agreeing to be re-assigned from my current assignment into a single at anytime throughout the academic year. I understand that I have 48 hours from the time that I am offered a single to respond or the single may be offered to the next resident on the waiting list. I also understand that my name will remain on this list until I either receive a unit or submit a request, in writing, that I desire to have my name removed.

In addition, I understand that a single assignment may cost more than my current assignment; therefore an additional charge may be applied to my Bursar's account.

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