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Replacement Lease Request

College Park,The Village and University Park

Section I

I hereby give permission to the Office of Residence Services of Wright State University, Contracting Coordinator, or designee to re-lease my apartment to another party. I also understand and agree that if my apartment is re-leased to another party, I will vacate the apartment within 72 hours of notice. Furthermore, I also understand and agree that unless I provide a written request withdrawing this request before the apartment has been offered to another party, I am no longer permitted to live in the apartment after 72 hours from the time the new agreement has been signed by the new party. I understand that requesting to re-lease my apartment does not guarantee that I will be released from my agreement and that future obligations remain my responsibility. (ELIGIBILITY FOR REPLACEMENT LEASE PROCESSING IS CONTINGENT UPON FULL OCCUPANCY OR THE EXPRESSED AUTHORIZATION OF THE CONTRACTING COORDINATOR) I agree and understand that I will be responsible for the rent on my apartment through and including the day a qualified replacement moves into my apartment. This includes a reasonable period of time required by facilities staff for maintenance/repairs and cleaning of the unit in preparation for the new incoming resident. Lastly, I agree to make arrangements with the Facilities Department located in the Office of Residence Services to arrange a check-out date and time, or pay the corresponding charges, for, but not limited to, improper checkout and lock change. RESIDENTS CURRENTLY RESIDING IN CAMPUS HOUSING, OR BOUND BY A CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO FULFILL REPLACEMENT LEASE REQUESTS AS REPLACEMENT LEASEES.

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