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Leaving Us?
This form only applies to residents living in Hamilton, Honors, Woods, and Forest Lane

We Need To Hear From You!

Do your plans for next Semester include leaving Wright State for one of the following reasons?

  • Transfer to another college or university
  • Withdrawal from WSU
  • Marriage
  • Graduation

If the answer is “YES”, please fill out the information below.   The above reasons are considered to be an automatic release from Woods, Hamilton, Honors, and Forest Lane and are subject to verification. All other reasons must be presented to the Appeals Board* for their decision.  Appeals Board paperwork can be picked up in the Residence Life & Housing office or online at under the forms tab. Please keep in mind that participating in the Appeals Board is not a guarantee to be released from your contract.

You must schedule a checkout appointment in advance with the Residence Life & Housing Facilities department at 775-3372. Please keep in mind that you will need to be checked out of your unit (including keys returned) no later than 24 hours from your last final exam.  Failure to do so could result in a core lock change, an improper checkout fine, and/or damage charges.  Credits to your Bursar account will not be issued until keys have been returned to the Residence Life & Housing office and/or a core lock change has been completed.

Breaking your housing contract will result in an HOUS hold being placed on your account preventing you from registering for classes within the same academic year. In the event that you ask us to remove the hold and you register, you will be held liable to your housing contract for the remainder of the academic year.

Full Name:
Room #

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I will not be returning to Wright State next semester for the following reason(s):

* Transferring
(please list college/university transferring to in the box to the right)
* Withdrawal from WSU
(contact Raider Connect to drop classes)
* Marriage
(Must present a copy of the marriage certificate)

* If you selected Other - Please Explain

Please refer to Terms and Conditions

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