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Testimonials/statements from students living in Honors housing

Chad Warnimont

"Living in Honors Housing at Wright State is a great way to connect to other Honors students on campus. There is a strong bond between the residents in the Honors Hall because of the dynamic group of people that live in Honors. It is definitely worth living in the Honors Hall and enjoying the close knit community with others who are in your classes and who live with you on a daily basis."

-Chad Warnimont


"I think that it is this serious scholastic attitude that has allowed us to form such a tightly woven community. No one is afraid to approach others about anything that is going on in their life. I have only lived here for a month now, and I have made some friendships that are sure to last a lifetime."

-Cayti Zelnio

Cayti Zelnio


Erika Fleeher

"I particularly enjoy the Honors housing for a lot of reasons. Mainly I think I like it so much because there's other people like me. Since everyone is an honors student, we have a lot of the same needs - quiet hours and the like. But it's not just people sitting around and studying all the time - we have a lot of fun, too. I've made some really great friends. Plus, everyone who visits our dorms are super-jealous because they're really nice."

-Erika Fleeher


"Honestly I love honors housing. If I ever need help on an assignment, I am positive that someone here will be able to help me. For example, I often proofread papers written by people in my hall...they all know I enjoy doing it and I am glad to help them out. It's great! "

- Krista Thiel

Krista Thiel


Karen Dickey

"The thing I like the most about the Honors Housing is the floor space. I don't feel crowded and I can dance when I listen to music (only when no one else is there of course!) I also really appreciate the quiet hours. It's really nice not to hear music blaring when I am try to cram for a test or I want to sleep. There is also a lot of drawer space."

-Karen Dickey


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