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Why should I live on campus? What will I get out of living here versus at home or off-campus? Will I get to know the people living around me?

Read how others, just like yourself, feel about living in Wright State University Campus Housing.

Brad Turner

Living on campus at Wright State has allowed me to obtain the social networks and the experience necessary to guide the university into the future as its Student Government president.

- Brad Turner, President, Student Government 2006-2007


Living in campus housing has broadened my views on diversity and
accepting people for who they are.

- Joe Reolfi, Honors Community


Being a Community Advisor has given me the skills to better work with people.

- Jaskiran Kaur, Pine Hall


Living on campus has made me a more independent person.

- Julia Vitkin, College Park


Being involved with Honors Community Council has made me a better time

- Megan Cale, Honors Community


Living on campus is cool, because it makes it more likely that students will stay in school. :-)

- Graham Furrow, Oak Hall


Living on campus has been a very remarkable and memorable experience for me. I have made many new friends, learned to provide and care for myself, and to get a first hand look at the responsibilities of living without my parents. I know I made the right choice to live on campus at Wright State University.

- Scott Stafford, Honors Community


Being a RA has allowed me to help put the "unity" in "community."

- Jeremy Moore, Honors Community




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