SWAT - Student Weekend Activities Team!

The Residential Community Association (RCA) started a new branch of their organization, SWAT (Student Weekend Activities Team) last Fall, and because of your support, the endeavor was a huge success! A group of RCA members met in the Summer of 2011 to discuss how to ensure residential students were given a diverse range of activities and that residents would be encouraged to stay on campus on the weekends. This group set out to prove that there was always something worth sticking around for as residents made WSU's campus their home during their college career! Last year SWAT put on 27 specific events ranging from movies before they became available on DVD, inflatables, glow in the dark dodgeball, kickball, a foam party, cover bands, game shows, Live Band Karaoke, Hypnotist Chris Jones, Comedians Michael Malone, Michael Kent, & Brian O'Sullivan, and MTV's Breaksk8. Lots of freebies were passed out at the events and to residents just for living in the halls and apartments at the start of each quarter. Resident Assistants, Community Councils, and other residential organizations all pitched in to ensure that every weekend had something different and exciting to get residents involved. Some favorite events included: Boogie on the Bricks, Root Beer Fest, Laser Tag, Nightmare on Springwood Lane, Ice Skating, Monte Carlo Night, Laugh Now Cry Later, Hang 10, Hamapalooza, and a Car Show! In total, over 85 different events were planned - at least one on each Friday and Saturday throughout the year!

We hope you will agree that they put the activity fee you pay to good use and ensured that you have an opportunity to get the most bang for your buck! Besides this list of weekend events, your RAs and Community Councils will be putting on many more programs during the week as well as programs on the weekend designed just for your floor or building! The events these groups are hosting would cost way more than $53 per semester per person if you were to go to them off-campus, and the best part is that since you have paid up front, all events are free when you arrive! Consider this just one of the many perks of living on campus!

Additionally, studies have shown that students that stay on campus for the first six weeks or more enjoy their collegiate experience to a greater degree than those that don't, get more involved on campus, and are more successful in their academic courses because they are able to create new friendships, have shared experiences with diverse individuals, and are able to connect with classmates outside of the classroom making it easier to call on them when a study session is needed. As you return to campus or as you join us in housing for the first time, we encourage you to challenge yourself not to go home and to try an activity that sounds new, different or challenging! We hope you will find a club or organization to get involved with and make WSU your home. Specifically, you should consider getting involved in planning future events by joining your Community Council or by attending RCA meetings. Your RA will give you more information at your floor meetings.

SWAT is excited to unveil this schedule of events for the first Fall Semester ever! SWAT has collaborated with other Big 6 organizations to get them involved in large scale weekend programming and will be bringing back some of your favorite events along with a host of new ones! Here is a list of events RCA, SWAT, your RAs, your Community Councils, and many other clubs and organizations have scheduled for every weekend this Fall - check out one or check out them all!


SWAT Calendar

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