Director's Advisory Board

The Honors Director's Advisory Board was formed in 2009 to help foster communication between the Honors student body and the Honors administration. Students are selected to participate for one academic year but may reapply for consecutive years. Serving on the 2012-13 board are:

Katelynn Alcorn

photo of katelynn alcorn

Freshman, Chemistry

Caitlyn Banis

photo of caitlyn banis

Senior, Political Science

Emily Bingham

photo of emily bingham

Junior, English

Travis Goettemoeller

photo of travis goettemoeller

Freshman, Biomedical Engineering

Karli Lightner

photo of karli lightner

Junior, Early Childhood Education

Sarah Runyan

photo of sarah runyan

Senior, Mathematics

Elizabeth Schoppelrei

photo of elizabeth schoppelrei

Sophomore, Spanish

Priya Sivagnanam

photo of priya sivagnanam

Sophomore, Finance