James Fallows

Recognition Year: 

"Postcards from Tomorrow Square: Reports from China"
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A national correspondent for The Atlantic, James Fallows is one of America’s most respected journalists. Whether writing about politics, national security, the economy, or foreign policy, Fallows strives to do one thing: “Make the important interesting.” For his perceptive, sometimes prescient writing, he has won the National Book Award, the American Book Award, and the National Magazine Award. Based in China since 2006, he is now chronicling that country’s explosive growth and its staggering ramifications for America and the world. In addition to his latest book, Postcards from Tomorrow Square: Reports from China, Fallows is also the author of Breaking the News, about the crisis facing contemporary news media, and Blind into Baghdad, about the lead-up to the War in Iraq (now required reading in many military programs). He has also been a software designer for Microsoft, a speech writer for President Jimmy Carter, and the Atlantic’s technology columnist.