Teacher of the Year Award

Each spring, the University Honors Program recognizes an Honors Teacher of the Year. Honors student nominations, faculty members’ Honors course evaluations, letters of nomination, and a variety of other resources influence the selection. The recipient is recognized at the spring semester Honors graduation ceremony with a plaque and cash award.


Born in upper state New York and raised in Arizona, Maggie spent her 20s working and living in Belgium, France, Mauritius, Nigeria and Iran. In her 30s, she attended Wright State University and earned two degrees - an undergraduate in Finance and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting. She worked in Big Eight public accounting for several years before she started teaching at Wright State University.

Maggie is deeply involved in the CPA Profession. In 2008, the Governor appointed her to the Accountancy Board of Ohio to serve a seven-year term. For years she served on the Executive Board of the Ohio Society of CPAs and as a Trustee of the Ohio CPA Foundation. 

As a student at Wright State University, Maggie was a scholarship recipient and since then has attempted to pay it forward. During her time on the Accountancy Board, she helped to revise the tuition reimbursement program for Ohio accounting majors (more than $250,000 awarded in the most recent year). As a Trustee of the Ohio CPA Foundation, Maggie assisted in establishing an $800,000 endowment fund that provides scholarships to Ohio accounting majors. 

Maggie has been at Wright State for more than 20 years and currently serves as Senior Lecturer in Accounting. She has also served on numerous University, College and/or Department scholarship committees.  

As she states, “Developing and teaching the Honors section of Financial Accounting has been a highlight of my time at Wright State. A deep thank you to all of the Honors students that I have had in class.”

Congratulations to Maggie Houston, the 2016 Honors Teacher of the Year!


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  • Robert O'Donnell, Psychology (1992)
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  • Donna Schlagheck, Political Science (1989)
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