Teacher of the Year Award

Each spring, the University Honors Program recognizes an Honors Teacher of the Year. Honors student nominations, faculty members’ Honors course evaluations, letters of nomination, and a variety of other resources influence the selection. The recipient is recognized at the spring semester Honors graduation ceremony with a plaque and cash award.

2013 Recipient

Judson Murray
Assistant Professor, Religion

murray_web.jpgDr. Judson Murray is a graduate of The Ohio State University, Harvard University, and Brown University (Ph.D. 2007), with specializations in Chinese religions and early Chinese intellectual history. In the Department of Religion, Murray is chair of the Chinese Studies Committee. He is a contributor to The Huainanzi: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Government in Early Han China (Columbia, 2010) and to The Huainanzi and Textual Production in Early China (Brill, forthcoming). He is the author of other scholarly publications appearing in Early China and the Journal of Moral Education. His current research focus is moral education and self-cultivation in Han China. Murray teaches an array of courses on East Asian religions, including Chinese religions, Japanese religions, Daoism, Confucianism, Zen Buddhism, and human rights in China.

Murray’s students find his Honors classes “challenging, motivating, and rewarding.” One student commented that although Dr. Murray explained early on that his expectations were high, he provided diligent feedback on papers, answered questions thoroughly, and encouraged all students to reach their academic potential.  The student further related that he had “never been so proud for getting an A!”

Congratulations to Judson Murray, the 2013 Honors Teacher of the Year!

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