Faculty Who Teach Honors Courses

Each year, the University Honors Program offers more than 70 Honors sections, taught by faculty members from every Wright State college and the Lake Campus. The list below represents faculty and staff who have taught Honors courses recently or who plan to teach in the near future. The Honors Program is very fortunate to have the support and expertise of these faculty members!

Steven Aldredge—Music
Stephanie Auld—Engineering
Scott Baird—Biological Sciences
Erik Banks—Philosophy
Matthew Benjamin—Theatre
Hunt Brown—Earth and Environmental Sciences
Kevin Brown—Accountancy
Susan Carrafiello—History
Christopher Chaffee—Music
Byron Crews—English
Ribhi Daoud—Economics
Dawne Dewey—University Libraries
Stephanie Dickey—English 
Frank  Eguaroje—Sociology
Brenda Ellis—Music
Rosemary Eustace—Nursing
Linda Farmer—Philosophy
Awad Halabi—History 
Kirsten Halling—Modern Languages
Karen Hayes—English 
William Irvine—Philosophy 
Azi Jahanbegloo—Sociology 
Martin Kich—English (Lake Campus)
Nathan Klingbeil—Engineering
Dan Krane—Biological Sciences
Crystal Lake—English
Paul Leonard—Political Science
Qun Li—Mathematics
Cynthia Marshall—English

Kristie McKierman
Karen Meyer—Computer Science
Mill Miller—Biological Sciences
John Morrisette—Political Science
Judson Murray—Religion
Sirisha Naidu—Economics 
Jacqueline Neal—Biological Sciences
Christopher Oldstone-Moore—History
Sean Pollock—History
Kuldip Rattan—Engineering
Christine Reedy—Honors Program
Ksenia Bonch Reeves—Modern Languages
Patricia Roberts—Biological Sciences
Robert Rubin—English
James Sayer—Communication
David Seitz—English
Matthew Shively—Psychology
Lafleur Small —Sociology/Anthropology
Carolyn Stoermer—English
Richard Strader—English
Marie Thompson—Communication
Zdravka Todorova—Economics
Sarah Twill—Social Work 
Mark Verman—Religion
Roy Vice—History
Alex Wenning—Honors Program
Jonathan Winkler—History
Amy Wissman—Biological Sciences
Kelli Zaytoun—Women's Studies