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“These past few years have been financially hard on my family. My mother lost her job and my dad’s business has slowly been losing revenue. Every quarter has brought about another struggle to find the funds to pay for my education. You can only imagine the excitement and relief that I felt when I received this scholarship.”

—Caleb Ater, Woods Scholarship recipient

The Urgency of Now

Times are tough for so many students like Caleb Ater. Today, more students than ever before need our help. Some of these students never needed financial aid—until now.

As more families continue to lose jobs and income, and as loans become more difficult to obtain, finding money for college tuition is difficult, if not impossible.

  • Forty-five percent of Wright State’s student population comes from families with a combined income of less than $50,000.
  • More than 40 percent of Wright State’s students are the first members of their families to attend college.
  • More than half of today’s WSU undergraduates receive financial aid in some combination of scholarships, loans, and campus employment.

To make higher education attainable for more students, we froze our tuition for the last two years. While we support the Governor’s proposal to freeze tuition for the next school year, there is no guarantee this plan will become a reality.

Despite our fiscal efficiency and good stewardship of the money so generously provided to us through both public and private support, we continue to battle shrinking funding sources and escalating costs.

Wright State University has always provided need-based scholarships to students from a variety of educational backgrounds and ethnic and cultural heritages. Financial hardships cross all demographics and create challenges for the majority of our students. Our ability to retain students is directly linked to offering a competitive financial aid package.

Awards and eligibility

One hundred percent of the Graduation Fund will go directly to new, continuing, and transfer students at the undergraduate level. Scholarships will be awarded based on greatest need as determined by the WSU Office of Financial Aid. First priority will be given to WSU seniors.


Awards from the Graduation Fund will begin in summer 2009 for Fall Quarter 2009 tuition.

Making a Difference

Tim Drake

Tim Drake

For psychology major Tim Drake, receiving support from the Graduation Fund meant that "I could continue to go to college. Every dollar I get helps. It also gave me the feeling that someone was investing in me and gives me the responsibility to perform up to expectations."

Active in Psychology Club and Psi Chi, an honor society for psychology students, Drake hopes to become a child psychologist. "I could do a lot of good there. My main goal in a career is to help other people," said Drake. "If I was a child psychologist, I could make a difference in people's lives."

With plans for graduate school in his future, Drake appreciates the financial support he is receiving now as an undergraduate. "It means a lot to me to even be considered for the Graduation Fund. I would like to thank everybody who contributed," he said.

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Christina Meadows

Christina Meadows

Christina Meadows understands the importance of the Graduation Fund and the difference it will make in her life. "It means a lot to me. I see a lot of students who stop coming to college because they can't afford it. It helps me to stay in college and achieve my goals of becoming successful and being able to receive a higher education. This is a huge opportunity to move forward and continue my education," said Meadows.

The senior biology major plans to attend graduate school and earn a master's degree in nursing. "I always wanted to work in the health care field," said Meadows, who has a six-year-old cousin who suffers from frequent seizures. "Seeing what she goes through has influenced me. I want to help those in need."

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