Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual

3.20 Procedure for Subsequent Registration


Students who have registered during the academic year can receive registration information for subsequent terms on WINGS Express.


Students who have not completed at least one course within 3 semesters are considered to be in inactive status and, therefore, must reapply for admission. The term "course" includes formal courses, independent study, thesis research, continuing registration, etc.


3.23 The Graduate School sends requests for substantive course changes to the appropriate Graduate Council Curriculum Committee for consideration (see 1.63 above). Examples of substantive changes are catalog title, title variations, enrollment restrictions, catalog descriptions, credit hours, and “other changes”. The Curriculum Committee evaluates all requests, recommending them to the full Graduate Council for adoption or returning them to the originating unit for further revision.

Requests for course additions will also be sent to the Registrar and the Dean or Dean’s designate of the other academic colleges with a minimum of thirty days for review before final action by the Graduate School is required. Deans and their designates are encouraged to give their feedback on the proposal through their college’s Graduate Council representatives, where it can be considered both at the Curriculum Committee and by the Graduate Council as a whole.

If the request is for an administrative change, i.e. course number, title for student record, grading, or prerequisites, then the request will by-pass the curriculum committee and will be approved directly by the Dean of the Graduate School.