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Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual

1.60 Admission Procedure for Graduate Nondegree, Certification, and Transient Statuses


Applicants for non-degree status must submit a completed graduate application to the Graduate School and request an official transcript from the institution where they received their undergraduate or graduate degree. The official transcript must reflect the award of the degree.


Applicants for Licensure status must submit a completed graduate application to the Graduate School and request one official transcript to be sent directly to the Graduate School from each college and university previously attended. This also applies to applicants who hold the master's degree or higher.


Students applying for transient status must submit a completed "Permission for Transient Status" form in lieu of official transcripts (See 1.17).


All applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee. Non-degree and transient students pay a $10 fee; licensure students pay a $40 fee.


In addition to the above, applicants may be required to meet specific college or program requirements in order to take graduate courses offered by those colleges or programs.


The Associate Director of Graduate Admissions upon receipt of the completed application and all supporting documents, reviews the file and renders a decision on non-degree and transient applications. Licensure applications are sent to the college for admission decisions.


The Graduate School notifies the applicants by letter of the admission decision.