Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual

7.140 Summary of Degree Requirements

The following is a summary of the requirements that graduate students must complete to earn a master's degree at Wright State University.

A. Have a completed Program of Study on file in the Graduate School Office.

B. Completed the program requirements for a master's degree within seven calendar years.

C. Achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit. (No more than six semester hours of "C" may be applied to the degree requirements.)

D. Register for at least one credit hour during the term in which a thesis is defended.

E. Successfully complete a final comprehensive examination (if required in program).

F. Present one copy of an approved thesis (if required in program) and approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.

G. Completed at least 50% of the credit hours at Wright State.

Individual graduate programs have requirements and standards which must be met in addition to the general requirements set forth above. Students should consult their advisor/program to insure that these requirements have been or are being met.