Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual


This manual presents a consolidation of current graduate school policies approved by the Graduate Council and of procedures established by the Graduate School to implement these policies. It is designed to serve both Wright State faculty and graduate students. It supersedes previous editions and should be taken as a definitive statement of the policies for graduate study.

The procedures are given in detail so that anyone will know the necessary steps to follow in undertaking a particular course of action, be it making application for graduate study, submitting or processing a petition, or requesting additions to program curricula.

Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to be aware of student-related items in this manual. Ignorance of these policies is not an acceptable justification for failure to abide by these regulations. Commonly ignored or misunderstood items include the following:

  • Deadlines for submitting degree applications.
  • Deadlines for thesis submission.
  • The requirement to be registered in the semester that a thesis or dissertation is defended.
  • The requirement that graduate assistants register and remain registered for at least six credits of graduate work per semester.
  • That a student must complete all requirements for a master's degree within seven years, unless the student's specific program has a shorter time limit.
  • That only 50% of degree work may be taken in non-degree status.

The Graduate School will update this manual on a regular basis, as policy changes are made by the Graduate Council or as procedural changes become necessary. In addition, interim changes in policy and procedure will be communicated to the graduate program directors. Please contact the Graduate School for information or clarification of any policy or procedural matters.  The Graduate School is located in E344 Student Union at telephone number 775-2976 and our web site is As always, we will be glad to provide assistance.

The material in this manual has been prepared for information purposes and does not constitute a contract between students, faculty, administrators, Graduate School, Colleges/Schools, and the University. The University reserves the right to make changes in policy, regulations, and programs without notice.

Robert E.W. Fyffe
Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School