Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual

4.30 Credit Hour Limits


Graduate students can normally earn a maximum of eighteen semester hours in a term.


Students holding appointments as graduate assistants shall register for a minimum of eight quarter hours or six semester hours of graduate work during each term the appointment is held. Audited courses are not included.


Students wishing to deviate from the normal registrations listed above must submit written requests to the Dean of the Graduate School for an exemption. The request should have the support of the students' graduate program.


Graduate students with external full-time employment should normally register for no more than two courses per term. Students and faculty advisors should bear in mind the following in considering exceptions to this registration recommendation:

• The student's employment and its effect on available time and mental alertness.
• The student's previous academic record.
• The nature of the course (s) taken and its (their) relationship to the student's programs.


Students who have graduate scholarships are required to register for a minimum of twelve graduate quarter hours or eight graduate semester hours. Audited courses are not included.