Graduate Policies and Procedures Manual

1.50 Admission Procedure for Graduate Degree Status

A. Students submit a completed graduate admission application to the Graduate School. Applications for admission and all supporting credentials, including test scores if required, should be received at least four weeks before registration for the semester in which the students wish to begin graduate study. Some programs require applications to be submitted substantially earlier; please consult with the individual program office for any program-specific deadlines.

B. Students request the registrars of all colleges or universities previously attended to send one official transcript directly to the Graduate School (official transcripts become the property of Wright State University and will not be returned to the applicant). If courses from one university/college appear on another university's/college's transcript, students are still required to submit an official transcript from the college where they originally completed the course work.

C. Students pay a non-refundable $40 graduate application fee. Applicants who are McNair Scholars or who are in the NIH-funded PREP (Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program) program will have this fee waived. Such students must apply with a paper application or emailed PDF application form, and cannot use the on-line application system.

D. Students submit appropriate test scores and/or documents such as letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, or statement of goals and objectives to satisfy particular program or departmental requirements. Applicants must also meet any additional requirements stipulated by a particular program.

E. Students submit a completed and signed provisional memo of understanding for students requesting and/or being recommended by an academic program for provisional admission pending subsequent submission of their academic credentials. The memo, which must be on file in the Graduate School, details the conditions under which the students are being admitted. The final decision to admit students into provisional status is made by the Graduate School after reviewing the recommendations from the academic programs.

F. The Graduate School reviews the completed admissions file, calculates the students' total undergraduate grade point average as well as a grade point average for any graduate work undertaken, and sends copies of the application and supporting documents to the appropriate program official for review and an admission recommendation.

G. The program reviews the students' academic credentials and sends an admission recommendation to the Graduate School.

H. The Associate Director of Graduate Admissions reviews the recommendation and the applicants' academic credentials to see if the Graduate School admissions requirements have been met.

I. The Associate Director of Graduate Admissions notifies the applicants by letter in regard to any decisions regarding their admission.