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Graduate School

Graduate Assistantships

Our graduate departments have a limited number of graduate assistantship positions available each year for students like you. As a graduate assistant, you devote a minimum number of hours each week (no more than 28) to assistantship responsibilities while maintaining full-time graduate status and receive a stipend as well as free tuition. Most graduate assistants are appointed for the academic year beginning Fall Semester. You can apply for assistantships with teaching responsibilities, non-instructional support duties, or research assignments. 

What is a graduate teaching assistant?

Graduate teaching assistants lead instruction in classes and have primary responsibility for one or more class sections (e.g., lecture, laboratory, or discussion sessions).

What is a graduate assistant?

Graduate assistants are assigned non-instructional duties that support the instructional, research, or public service function of the university.

What is a graduate research assistant?

Graduate research assistants participate in research program activities or support a departmental research effort—this can apply to your graduate degree as a research component.