From Eyedrops to Command Unit

Laurie Migliore, '07 Nursing

Laurie MiglioreSince administering eye drops to her father at age three, Laurie Migliore has always had expectations of becoming a nurse—caring for others with a personal touch and making a difference in their lives.

So, when she received that same level of caring, personal attention as a graduate student at Wright State, Laurie realized she wasn't just another student number. Wright State delivered an education custom fit for her own needs.

"They sat down with me and asked, 'Where do you want to be? What can we do for you?' They took into consideration my maturity and my experience as a registered nurse. They helped to refine my strengths and minimize my weaknesses—they looked for an environment where I could excel."

In fact, even when she felt intimidated by the challenges of learning new aspects of nursing, Laurie claims it always ended up being 'the next best thing' in her career. "It just keeps getting better."

Now, as part of her community and public health training, Wright State has put Laurie to work transforming a donated hospital van into a mobile command center—to be used for emergency medical incidents throughout the region. Equipped with computer access, patient simulation labs, and a mobile classroom for training, it is scheduled to be ready this summer.

So is Laurie Migliore—she plans to graduate in June and move into a nursing position that is waiting for her. But as she reflects on the opportunities she's had at Wright State, she remarks: "It's like a gift dropped on my doorstep."