Graduate Credit and Grades



Course Numbering System

5000-5999: Courses that carry graduate credit only in a major field different from that of the department offering the course. Most such courses will be alternate designations of undergraduate courses normally numbered 3000-3999.

6000-6999: Courses that carry graduate credit in any major fields that have alternate designations of undergraduate courses normally numbered 4000-4999.

7000-7999: Courses intended for graduate students only.

8000-9999: Courses intended for post-master's or doctoral-level work.

Credit Hour Limits

Graduate students can normally earn a maximum of eighteen semester hours in a term.

Students holding appointments as graduate assistants shall register for a minimum of eight quarter hours or six semester hours of graduate work during each term the appointment is held. Audited courses are not included.

Students wishing to deviate from the normal registrations listed above must submit written requests to the Dean of the Graduate School for an exemption. The request should have the support of the students' graduate program.

Graduate students with external full-time employment should normally register for no more than two courses per term. Students and faculty advisors should bear in mind the following in considering exceptions to this registration recommendation:

  • The student's employment and its effect on available time and mental alertness.
  • The student's previous academic record.
  • The nature of the course (s) taken and its (their) relationship to the student's programs.

Students who have graduate scholarships are required to register for a minimum of twelve graduate quarter hours or eight graduate semester hours. Audited courses are not included.

Workshops & In-Service Courses

All students who have completed the graduate admission requirements may take workshops and in-service courses.

In addition, students granted special status are permitted to take certain workshop courses for graduate credit without being admitted to the Graduate School (See Policy 5010.6).

The Marking & Point Systems

Academic achievement is indicated by the following letter grades and points used in calculating grade point averages:

Grade Quality - Level Grade - Points per Credit Hour
A - Highest - 4
B - Second - 3
C - Third - 2
D - Lowest - 1
F - Failed - 0

X - Student failed to complete course and did not withdraw. The grade X remains on the permanent record and is figured in the grade point average as zero grade points.

The following symbols appear on the record but are not included in calculating grade point averages:

L - Audit - Given only if arranged at the time of registration.

N - No report - Instructor did not report grade.

P - Passing - A permanent grade which indicates work quality equivalent to grade of "B" or better. Given only for specifically approved courses.

M - Satisfactory - A temporary grade which indicates satisfactory progress and that a permanent grade will be assigned upon completion of a course sequence. M grades may not be assigned to theses, dissertations, or similar capstone research projects.

U - Unsatisfactory Performance - Equivalent to not passing or not satisfactory.

I - Incomplete - Given only when part of the required work is missing and arrangements have been made with the instructor complete the work.

I grades are reported to the Registrar's Office on the grade report sheet. An incomplete grade agreement between the Instructor and the student is not required. The "I" grade may remain on the student's academic record for up to two consecutive terms. This policy does not prohibit instructors from awarding an "I" grade for a lesser period of time. The student will have to make up an incomplete grade by the date the instructor has stipulated or if no date was stipulated, no later than the last day of classes of the second term. Failure to make up an incomplete grade will result in it being changed to a grade of "F".

Instructors may extend, one time only, the "I" grade for up to an additional two consecutive terms by submitting a grade change form to the Registrar's Office. If an "I" grade is awarded or an extension is granted for less than two terms, instructors must advise the student of the time period. If an "I" grade is assigned or an extension is granted for a period less than two terms, then it will be the responsibility of the instructor, after the specified period has expired, to assign a grade to the student by submitting a grade change form to the Registrar’s Office.

W - Withdrawal Given - for courses from which the student withdrew or dropped during the fourth through fifth weeks of classes or equivalent, or for which the student petitioned for withdrawal.