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Graduate Council Members


Boonshoft School of Medicine

Member Role
Andrew Froehle Faculty Member 2014-2017
Miryoung Lee Faculty Member 2013-2016
John McAlearney Faculty Member 2012-2015
Michael Markey Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

College of Education & Human Services

Member Role
Suzanne Franco Faculty Member 2014-2017
Mindy McNutt Faculty Member 2013-2016
William Mosier Faculty Member 2012-2015
Sharon Heilmann Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Member Role
James Menard Faculty Member 2014-2017
Ardy Goshtasby Faculty Member 2013-2016
Brian Rigling Faculty Member 2012-2015
T. K. Prasad Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

College of Liberal Arts

Member Role
Barry Milligan Faculty Member 2013-2016
Carl Brun Faculty Member 2012-2015
Jacqueline Bergdahl Faculty Member 2014-2017
LaFleur Small Faculty Alternate 2014-2015

College of Nursing & Health

Member Role
Brenda Young Faculty Member 2013-2016
Marie Bashaw Faculty Member 2014-2015
Tracy Brewer Faculty Member 2013-2015
Bobbe Gray Faculty Alternate 2014-2015

College of Science & Mathematics

Member Role
Don Cipollini Faculty Member 2012-2015
Greg Kozlowski Faculty Member 2013-2016
Scott Baird Faculty Member 2014-2017
Scott Watamaniuk Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

Lake Campus

Member Role
Charles Ciampaglio Faculty Member 2014-2017

Raj Soin College of Business

Member Role
Anand Jeyaraj Faculty Member 2014-2017
Kevin Duffey Faculty Member 2013-2016
Zdravka Todorova Faculty Member 2012-2015
Barbara Hopkins Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

School of Professional Psychology

Member Role
Wendy Dragon Faculty Member 2014-2017
Janeece Warfield Faculty Member 2014-2017
  Faculty Member 2014-2017
Gokce Durmusoglu Faculty Alternate 2014-2017

Non-voting Members

Member Role
Robert Fyffe VP of Research & Dean of the Graduate School
Bill Ayres Associate Dean, Graduate School
Dean/Dean's Designates:  
  Marjorie Bowman/
Arthur Pickoff
  Charlotte Harris/
Joe Keferl
  Nathan Klingbeil/
Michael Raymer
  Kristin Sobolik/
Herb Dregalla
  Rosalie Mainous/
Deborah Ulrich
  Yi Li/
Mark Mamrack
  Joanne Li/
Jim Munch
  LePearl Logan Winfrey/Jeff Allen SOPP (interim)
  Bonnie Mathies Lake Campus
Ramana Grandhi Director, Ph.D. in Engineering
S. Narayanan Provost
Sheila Shellabarger University Librarian (Interim)
Matt Rizki Faculty Senate President
Mahesh Veeramala  Graduate School Senator, Student Government
Deekshith Vanamala Graduate Student Assembly President