The library is located in the Resource Room in 016 Student Union.

Coming Out

Boys Like Us, ed. P. Merla
Coming Out to Parents, M. Borhek
Family Outing, C. Bono
Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear, L. Newman

GLBT Youth

And Then I Became Gay, R. Savin-Williams
Being Different, L. Brimmer
Growing up Gay, Growing up Lesbian, ed. B. Singer
One Teenager in 10, ed. A. Heron
 XY Survival Guide, B. Nycum

GLBT Pride

501 Great Things about being Gay, E. Taussig
Completely Queer, S. Hogan and L. Hudson
Gay Pride, W. Mann
Out in all Directions, L. Witt, S. Thomas, and E. Marcus

Current Events

Cracking the Corporate Closet, D. Baker, S. Strub, and B. Henning
Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Law, ed. W. Rubenstein
Sexual Orientation and the Law, ed. Harvard Law Review
Virtual Equality, U. Vaid

GLBT Guides

The Homo Handbook, J. Carter
Is it a Choice, E. Marcus

Gay Men

A Boy’s Own Story, E. White
Boy Meets Boy, ed. L. Schimel
Christopher, A. Burnett
Cody, K. Hale
The Culture of Desire, F. Browning
The Essential Book of Gay Manners and Etiquette, S. Petrow
Fairy Tales, P. Cashorali
The Gay Male’s Odyssey in the Corporate World, G. Miller
Geography Club, B. Hartinger
Getting It, A. Sanchez
Happily Ever After, M. Ford
Huddle, D. Boyle
The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex, S. Goldstone
International Gay Writing, ed. M. Mitchell
Men, A. Warhol
Metes and Bounds, J. Quinn
The Milkman’s on His Way, D. Rees
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life, E. Orner
Openly Bob, B. Smith
Rainbow Boys, A. Sanchez
Rainbow High, A. Sanchez
Sex Advisor, T. Palermo
Through it Came: Bright Colors, T. Healey
Uncharted Lives, S. Siegal and E. Lowe


Afterglow, ed. K. Barber
Between Girlfriends, E. Dean
Between Us, ed. K. Turner
The Book of Lesbian Sexuality, P. Califia
The Color Purple, A. Walker
The Crystal Cage, S. Bayer
The Dyke and the Dybbuk, E. Galford
The Dyke Detector, S. Roberts
Dykes to Watch Out For, A. Bechdel
Dykes to Watch Out For, More, A. Bechdel
Highsmith, M. Meaker
Invisible Lives, M. Barrett
Lesbian Break-ups, S. Roberts
Lesbian Images, J. Rule
Lesbian Passion, J. Loulan
Lesbian Sex, J. Loulan
Lifestyles, J. Calhoun
Loving Women, The Nomadic Sisters
More Lesbian Etiquette, G. Sausser
Rubyfruit Jungle, R. Brown
Sappho was a Right-On Woman, S. Abbott and B. Love
So You Want to Be a Lesbian, L. Tracey and S. Pokorny


Bi any Other Name, ed. L. Hutchins and L. Kaahumanu


All S’he’ Wanted, A. Jones
As Nature Made Him, J. Colapinto
Bending the Mold, Lambda Legal
Finding the Real Me (2 copies), ed. O’Keefe and Fox
From Toads to Queens, J. Schifter
Guidelines for Transgender Queer, ed. Bockting and Goldberg
The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group, T. Janowitz
Opening the Door, Mottet and Tanis
Transgender Rights, Currah, Juang, and Minter
Transgender Warrior, L. Feinberg
Transsexual Empire, J. Raymond
Two Spirit People, L. Brown


2002 Pocket Book of Infectious Disease Therapy, B. Lett
2003 Medical Management of HIV Infection, Bartlett and Gallant
AIDS: The Women, ed. Rieder and Ruppelt
And the Band Played On, R. Shilts
Anonymity, S. Bergman
Borrowed Time: an AIDS Memoir, P. Monette
HIV Prevention Plan for Ohio (1999- 2003), Ohio Government
When Someone You Know has AIDS, Montelli, Peltz, Messina, and Petrow
You Can do Something about AIDS, ed. S. Alyson


Campus Climate, S. Rankin
Crisis, ed. Gold and Drunker
Eight Bullets, Brenner and Ashley
Gay Issues in the Workplace (paperback), B. McNaught
Gay Issues in the Workplace (hardback), B. McNaught
Hostile Climate (1997), People for the American Way
Hostile Climate (1999), People for the American Way
Hostile Climate (2002), People for the American Way
In a Time of Broken Bones, K. Whitlock
Losing Matt Shepard, B. Loffreda
Negotiating Lesbian and Gay Subjects, ed. Dorenkamp and Henke

Self Help/Wellness

Becoming Gay, R. Isay
Coming Out of Shame, Kaufman and Raphael
Empowering the Tribe, Pimental-Habib
Lesbian and Gay Lifestyles, ed. N. Woodman
Loving Someone Gay, D. Clark


The Case for Same-Sex Marriage, W. Eskridge
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples (5th Edition), Curry and Clifford
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples (14th Edition), Curry, Hertz, and Doskow
Lesbian Couples, Clunis and Green
Lesbian and Gay Marriage, Sherman
Money without Matrimony, Garrett and Neiman
Permanent Partners, B. Berzon
Why Marriage?, Chauncey
Why Marriage Matters, Wolfson


Families Like Mine, Garner
Family Policy, Cahill, Ellen, and Tobias
Family Value, Burke
Gays, Lesbians, and Family Values, Say and Kowalewski
The Kid, Savage
Love Makes a Family, Kaeser and Gillespie
Rocking the Cradle, Hanscombe and Forster

GLBT History

Becoming Visible, ed. Jennings
Before Stonewall, Weiss and Schiller
The Gay Metropolis, Kaiser
Gay Roots, ed. Leyland
Hold Tight,  Bram
Making History, Marcus
Naked Civil Servant, Crisp
The Pink Triangle, Plant
Portraits to the Wall, Collis
Sexual Inversion, Symonds
Stonewall, Carter


Critical Essay: Gay and Lesbian Writers of Color, ed. Nelson
The Gay and Lesbian Literary Companion, Malinowski and Brelin
Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage, ed. Summers
Gay Short Fiction, ed. White
Journal of Homosexuality (vol. 44, 1), Harrington Park Press
Journal of Homosexuality (vol. 44, 2), Harrington Park Press
The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader, ed. Abelove, Barale, and Halperin
Playing the Game, Austin


Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, Boswell
The Church and the Homosexual, McNeill
In God’s Image, Cromey
Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Kader
Our Tribe, Wilson
Stranger at the Gate, White
Welcoming Congregation, ed. Alexander

Childrens Books

And Tango Makes Three, Richardson and Parnell
Daddy, Papa, and Me, Aldrich
Daddy’s Roomate, Willhoite
Heather has Two Mommies, Newman
Jack and Jim, Crowther
King and King, Haan and Nijland
King, King, and Family, Haan and Nijland
Molly’s Family, Wooding
One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads, Valentine

Social Theory/Activism

Activating Theory, ed. Bristow and Wilson
Conduct Unbecoming, Shilts
Diversity on Campus, Schuman and Olvfs
Everyday Activism, ed. Stevenson and Cogan
Fear of a Queer Planet, ed. Warner
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education, ed. Sears
The Morality of Gay Rights, Ball
The New Civil War, Silver
Queer Theory and Social Change, Kirsch
Serving in Silence, Cammermeyer and Fisher
Setting Them Straight, Berzon
Straight Forward, Ayres and Gerarda
Troubling Education, Kumashiro
Unpacking Queer Politics, Jeffreys

Pop Culture

Gay and Lesbian Online (3rd edition), Dawson
Gay and Lesbian Online (4th edition), Dawson
New Queer Cinema, ed. Aaron
Open Secret, Ehrenstein
Out in Culture, ed. Creekmur and Doty
Queer Images, Benshoff and Griffin
Subtle Stereotyping, Russell and Kelly

GLBT Misc.

Anything but Straight, Besen
Beyond the Wind, Hood
The Color of His Hair, Rees
Fun Home, Bechdel
Homos, Bersani
Leatherfolk, ed. Thompson
On Being Gay, McNaught
The Other Side of the Closet, Buxton
Positively Gay, ed. Berzon
Touchwood, Kallmaker
Why Gay Guys are a Girl’s Best Friend, Fessler