The Program

The Panel Program is a frank 1 hour session of students talking with students in the classroom about their experiences in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Ally community. The panel usually consists of 4 students and a moderator who will share their individual experiences and perspectives.  Each panel presentation will also have a question and answer period.

The Panelists

The panelists consist of a core of 30 volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  All panelists have completed a 3 hour training to be able to serve as a panelist.  Many panelists participate in one or more GLBTQA student organizations on campus. We are always interested in expanding our team of panelists.  If you are interested in attending the next training to be on the Panel Program team please contact Josh Scacco, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities at (937) 775-5570 or email Josh Scacco.

Request a Panel

Panel requests are fulfilled in the order they are submitted.  The earlier a request is submitted the greater likelihood we will be able to coordinate a team for your class.

If you have any questions regarding training scheduling, please contact Josh Scacco, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities at (937) 775-5570 or email Josh Scacco

What Faculty Are Saying

“The panel that you helped to coordinate was one of the most powerful experiences for the students in my Democracy and Education course. They were very affected and are producing tremendous work as a result; their responses to the event are reflecting a considerable cultural competence that I have never seen in fresh(wo)men before. Thank you so much for working to bring such high quality hearts and minds to share with my class. I was amazed at the level of maturity, vulnerability, and the courageous handling of complexities that accompany LGBTQ issues. I will recommend this group many times over. I have been teaching about issues of sexual orientation for 5 years now, and this was the single most profitable hour of education both for me and my students. Thanks so much.”

Christa Preston Agiro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Teacher Education and
Department of English Language & Literatures