Student Evaluation of Instruction

Faculty Senate Approval- March 2015

Provost Approval- May 2015

Recommendation 13 Student evaluation of instruction


Applies to all full-time and part-time faculty who are not represented by collective bargaining. Faculty in the SOM and SOPP are excluded.

All faculty members shall be evaluated in each teaching semester and at least once each calendar year in each different course taught using an approved University Student Evaluation of Instruction form. All information from the forms will be sent to the faculty member and the Department Chair/Dean to whom the faculty member reports.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, a student evaluation of instruction form will normally be administered no earlier than the last week of class. Ample time should be given during class time for a student volunteer to administer the evaluation. The faculty member shall not comment upon the evaluation, administer it or be present during its administration.

If a faculty member believes that there are compelling reasons why an evaluation of a specific course in a given semester should not be considered in evaluation decisions, he or she may submit a written request for exclusion to the Department Chair/Dean. The Chair/Dean shall respond to this request in writing. Both the request and the Chair's written response shall be kept in the department or college office.

The University recognizes that student evaluations of teaching are important indicators of teaching effectiveness, but numerical scores from these evaluations alone neither confirm nor deny an individual's effectiveness. Therefore, the Chair/Dean shall consider additional factors besides such numerical scores in evaluating a faculty member's teaching. Consequently, low/high numerical scores that are below/above department/college averages do not confirm ineffective/effective teaching.