Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Outside Employment

For Lecturers, Clinical Assistant Professors, Clinical Instructors, Instructors and Visiting Faculty

Approved by the Faculty Senate, February 6, 2006 and the Provost, February 10, 2006.

This policy applies to all full-time faculty members who do not have administrative appointments and who are not represented by collective bargaining: lecturers, clinical assistant professors, clinical instructors, instructors, and visiting faculty. Faculty members from the SOPP and the SOM are excluded.

1. “Outside Employment” refers to professional activities of faculty members that fall outside of the normally defined workload of teaching, research, and service and that may involve external compensation. It does not apply to professional activities that reflect normal and expected public service for which compensation is limited to reimbursement of costs or nominal honoraria such as invited lectures, peer review panels, or activities explicitly included in approved practice plans. “Outside Employment” does apply to all other professional work and to teaching for institutions other than Wright State University, including distance learning.

2. Outside employment by faculty members must not interfere with assigned duties, must contribute to faculty members' professional development, and must not occupy, on average, more than one day per week.

3. Faculty members must submit a written request to their Dean and receive written approval from their Dean prior to beginning outside employment.

4. When engaging in outside employment, faculty members may not make more than incidental use of University facilities and other resources unless the University is appropriately compensated.

5. Faculty members should make every effort to avoid any conflict or appearance of conflict between outside employment activities and University responsibilities and to avoid accepting outside assignments that compete directly with academic functions of Wright State University.

6. Faculty members are personally responsible for any damages or claims for damages that may arise in connection with their outside employment.