Towing a Vehicle

Vehicles may be towed for the following violations:

  • The vehicle is parked in such a manner as to create a hazard to safety or construction progress or that obstructs or impedes the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • The vehicle is parked with an illegal or invalid permit.
  • The vehicle has accumulated $100 or more in unresolved fines or fees.
  • An unauthorized vehicle is parked in a handicap space, reserved space, visitor, gated lot, state/United States government space, service/vendor spaces, or any other restricted space.
  • The vehicle is obstructing a fire lane.

Vehicles will be continued on the eligibility list for towing, until fines are paid. The university is not responsible for damage resulting from vehicle towing/booting or any other condition as defined by this policy or by the Ohio Revised Code.