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Good Science is Safe Science

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Our Safe Science program is our initiative designed to motivate and to challenge all lab personnel. We encourage you to be actively involved with making safety your priority here on campus and in the field.

Safety Culture Values

  • Commitment to safety on our campus and in the field - continually, not just when it’s convenient.
  • Encourages open dialogue and free exchange of safety information.
  • Assigns greater value on problem solving vs  assigning blame.
  • Leaders serve as safety role models.
  • Encourages anyone to raise a safety concern.
  • Emphasizes learning and continuous improvement.

Safety is everyone's responsibility. We believe that safety training and education are essential elements of research and education. Click here to print your own brochure describing the program. Share with fellow researchers.


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We will present new themes to help focus your labs on a specific topic in lab safety, security, and sustainability.



Practice makes perfect!  Look for opportunities to attend training, or have training brought to you! We’re happy to provide laboratory-specific training to meet your unique needs.


Promoting safety in academic research laboratories has grown in recent years, following high-profile incidents in which researchers were injured or killed.  Here at Wright State University we want to go beyond complying with regulations to fostering a safety culture: affirming a constant, institution-wide commitment to safety and integrating safety as an essential element in the daily work of researchers. 


As students and researchers, you have enormous influence over the culture in the labs where you work. Some of the strongest laboratory safety cultures are these in which researchers have taken the lead in establishing that culture.  Our entire institution is responsible for promoting safety and providing you with the resources and training you need to work safely.  But the day-to-day actions and practices that lead to safe laboratories demand the participation, commitment, and leadership of those who actually do the research, whose very safety is at stake. 

The Safe Science Program is a collaboration between Wright State University and the National Research Council. The NRC's report "Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research" can be found by clicking here.

The WSU Safe Science Team is: Marjorie MarkopoulosGreg MerkleCourtney Hisey and Judy Grant.


How can we help you?

For additional information please contact:  MARJORIE MARKOPOULOS, Biological & Chemical Safety Officer

email:  |  Phone: 937-775-2797