Chemical Fume Hoods

Chemical Fume Hoods and Local Exhaust Ventilation

General Information

For general information on chemical fume hoods see the Wright State Laboratory Safety Manual, Section III, Fume Hood Inspection and Operating Instructions.

Hood Airflow Performance Checks

Environmental Health & Safety checks airflow performance of all campus fume hoods and subsequently issues reports on the status of the fume hoods in each building. EHS rechecks airflow performance after Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel have completed work requests.

Mechanical Malfunction or Repair Requests

Contact Customer Care Center (937-775-4444) to report issues, problems or repair requests related to mechanical aspects of the hood, such as alarms, monitors/controllers, or when the hood appears to not be operating correctly. After Physical Plant completes the work request, the hood airflow is verified by EHS.


How can we help you?

Please contact:

  • Marjorie Markopoulos | Biological Safety & Chemical Hygiene Officer |  937-775-2797
  • Greg MerkleEnvironmental Health and Safety Specialist |  937-775-2217