Accident, Injury, Illness, and Near-Miss Reporting

Filing an Incident Report Form

  • Who: Any individual on university owned/leased property or during a university sponsored activity
  • What: All incidents, injuries, accidents, illnesses and near-misses
  • When: As soon as possible after the incident
  • Why: To prevent future incidents and document as required by law

injuries, accidents, illness and near-miss FORM:

needlesticks or sharps injuries FORM:

 University Policy 13275: Reporting Injuries and Illnesses provides complete instructions for filing a report.

Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury (FROI):

  • Who: All employees including student employees
  • What: An injury and/or sudden illness occurring as a result of your work for the university, regardless of the location, that requires medical care
  • When: As soon as possible after the incident
  • Why: Notifies the BWC that a workplace injury occurred and starts the workers’ compensation claim process

How do I complete a FROI?

  1. Complete the injured worker section of the form providing as much detail as possible.
  2. Review to verify information is complete and accurate.
  3. Sign and date the form.
  4. Give the FROI Form to your physician and ask that they complete their portion of the form and submit.


What's the difference in the forms above?

  • Incident Report Form is used for internal purposes. It documents that an injury/incident had occurred and the response taken. It is not submitted to the BWC. This is used by university employees, visitors, and students alike.
  • FROI Form is an official BWC form that must be filed in order to start a workers' compensation claim. This is used by University employees only. May be used in place of the Incident Report.
  • Needle Stick/Sharps Injury Report Form is a required Ohio BWC form that must be filed in the event of exposure to blood or bodily fluids via a sharp or needlestick. Used by university employees, visitors and students alike. Must be completed in addition to the Incident Report.
  • All are important and should be completed as accurately as possible after an injury has occurred.

How can we help you?

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