Dig Permit FAQs

  • In what situations should a dig permit be submitted?
    • Tent Installation (when stakes are used)
    • Excavating
    • Boring
    • Post Hole Digging
    • Installing Sign Posts
    • Installing Fencing
    • Any time the ground at WSU is going to be dug, bored, scratched, or otherwise disturbed in anyway.
  • Who owns underground utility locating equipment?

    Currently the following departments have equipment:

  • What is the time frame that a Dig Permit should be submitted?

    At least 72 business hours before the work is to take place.

  • Who should submit the Dig Permit?

    Whoever is performing the work.

    • Be it an outside contractor, Physical Plant Employee, Grounds Employee, etc.
    • The Dig Permit can also be submitted by the Project Manager.
  • Who is responsible for the Dig Permit being submitted?

    It is the Project Manager’s responsibility along with the contractor/individual performing the work to make sure that a Dig Permit is submitted.

  • Who is responsible for contacting OUPS?

    Whoever is performing the work. Be it an outside contractor, Physical Plant Employee, Grounds Employee, etc.

  • What is the procedure for submitting a Dig Permit?
    1. First the area of work needs to be marked in WHITE paint. This is a requirement of OUPS and WSU
    2. Contact OUPS and record the confirmation number on the Dig Permit
    3. Fill out the remainder of the Dig Permit – all areas of the form MUST be filled out
    4. The Dig Permit is to be hand delivered to someone in the Engineering and Construction Department. Do not leave in a mail box or on someone’s desk/chair. This could delay the process if that person is not in the office that day or is out for an extended period of time.
  • What happens once a Dig Permit is submitted?
    • Once a dig permit is submitted it is handed over to David Kendrick and a map of the area is created.
    • A copy of the permit and map is then faxed over to the CaTS Telecommunications Department so that they can review it for any telecommunication lines that may be in that area. CaTS has their own locating equipment and locates all of their own lines.
    • The area is preliminarily checked to make sure that it is marked with white paint, if it is not the submitter of the permit is notified and told to mark the area in question. The 72 hour waiting period does not begin until the area has been marked.
    • The area is checked for OUPS markings and the WSU utilities are marked by Engineering and Construction and CaTS. The Dig Permit is then signed and dated by Engineering & Construction and CaTS.
    • The Permit is turned over to the Project Manager and work is allowed to proceed.

By law, everyone MUST contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning ANY digging project. Visit the Ohio Utilities Protection Service! websitefor more information.