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Printing Services

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Print Center Hours

Monday through Friday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wright Print Center

As of July 1, 2020, Wright State Printing Services and Wright Copy have been consolidated into a new center called the Wright Print Center. The contract with Xerox to provide these services has ended. Details are still being finalized on how the Wright Print Center will operate. For the time being, if you need printing or copy services, please send an email to printcenter@wright.edu or call 937-775-5784.

You can now submit a printing order online by clicking the button below.

Downloadable Calendars

The 2020-21 university calendar is available for you to download and print. Select your size below.

Managed Print Services

As of July 1, 2020, Wright State's contract with Xerox has ended. As of now, Managed Print Services has not changed, but new plans are being finalized for how to proceed. As information is announced, this website will be updated.

Managed Print Services (MPS) encompasses all office print devices—printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners.

MPS Best Practices

  • Reduce Paper Usage/Green Printing
    • The preferred Wright State University communication and storage method is electronic. Printing of documents should only be utilized when there are legal, client, or other essential business requirements.
    • Duplex (two-sided) and black and white printing will be the default on all office printers. However, the end-user can change this if a document requires it.
    • Minimize the use of Fax machines. Scan and email documents whenever possible. Faxing is more expensive than printing on office printers. There is no cost to scan a document. 
  • Printing of Color
    • Print in black and white whenever possible. Color printing costs three times as much as black and white.  Color should only be used for external presentations or communications.  All color printing will be through centrally located color devices.
  • Production Print Center Redirection
    • For documents requiring a large number of copies (greater than 100 pages), proof online digitally, or print only 1 paper print proof to the departmental printer. Once finalized, direct the output to the central production facility (Printing Services Consortium or Wright Copy). Printing large numbers of documents or large documents in the production facility costs less than printing within your department.
  • Internet Printing
    • Printing from the Internet is discouraged. When you need information from the internet, save or print to a file. If you must print from the Internet, only print in black and white and use the following guidelines:
      • Do not print the background - If you are printing a webpage using Internet Explorer, select Tools->Internet Options, select the 'Advanced' tab and in the 'Printing' section, remove the checkbox in the 'print background colors and images' option.
      • Just select the area you want to print - If you do not want the whole document and need only a few paragraphs or a few pages, then just select those paragraphs or pages and print them. To print selected paragraphs, select the paragraphs and then select File->Print and in the 'Page Range' section, check the 'Selection' radio button.
  • Document Specific
    • (Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Worksheet, Web Document, Text Document, Graphic Document, Adobe Acrobat Document, Rich Text Format, Microsoft Visio Document, Etc.)
    • General
      • Set your print defaults to low or draft resolution and duplex (two-sided).
      • Proofread, spell check and “print preview” documents on the computer before printing.
      • After proofing online, print one copy, review and then make additional copies using the duplex copy function.
      • Turn hard-copy documents into electronic documents by scanning them.
      • Convert frequently distributed files into portable document files (PDFs).
      • To reduce network traffic and storage requirements, zip all larger documents or groups of documents prior to emailing.
      • Reduce margins and font size on less important documents.
      • Redesign documents to reduce the length and save a page.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
      • PowerPoint presentations are usually lengthy and require a large amount of network and printing resources to print. 
      • Whenever possible, print in “outline” mode or handout mode with multiple pages on one page.
      • When presenting, decide which slides need a hard copy if any.
      • Use a live meeting to share presentations vs. email or handouts. 
      • Use a projector in meetings and provide the PowerPoint electronically through DocuShare (central repository) or email as a last resort. 
      • When designing PowerPoint presentations, use white backgrounds vs. dark backgrounds that require significantly more ink.
    • Microsoft Outlook Document or email system:
      • Printing email documents only in black and white. Color printing of emails is discouraged.

Guidelines and Procedures

  • Governance Committee
    • The managed print solution is supported by a governance committee consisting of staff and faculty members. The fourteen-member committee is responsible for:
      • Developing policies for the use, procurement, and disposal of non-networked desktop output devices.
      • Approving exceptions to the proposed Xerox future state plans.
      • After implementation, approving all requested moves, additions, changes and deletions of output devices apart of the Xerox MPS solution.
  • Network Printers
    • Departments may keep laser devices that are capable of being networked if purchased within two years prior to that department’s Xerox project implementation date.
  • Exceptions
    • Departments requesting additional printer functionality or additional printing capacity, other than the Xerox proposed design, can submit the Printer Justification form (DOCX) to the managed print governance committee.  Completed forms, with proper signatures, can be emailed to managedprint@wright.edu.  The governance committee will review the exception request for approval.
  • Procurement of Output Devices
    • Purchasing of output devices, such as inkjet, laser, or all-in-one printers, requires approval from the MPS governance committee. If approval is granted, current purchasing policies must be followed.
  • Performance Management
    • The MPS program metrics will be tracked on a monthly basis.
  • Review
    • The University MPS Manager will review spending using the following reports:
      • Employee to Equipment Ratios
      • Cost savings versus previous expenditures.
      • Findings will be submitted to Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

  • What is the Managed Print Services (MPS) program?

    Managed Print Services (MPS), is a Wright State University-wide initiative to centralize the management of all printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines with one preferred vendor that specializes in document management. Benefits of the project include:

    • Provide newer and more efficient technology
    • Help make a positive impact on the environment by reducing paper and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste
    • Reduce print output costs
    • Improve quality of services
  • What services will Xerox provide?

    Beginning May 1, 2014 Xerox will also provide service for printing equipment they will be installing in the future. 

  • What is “optimization?”

    Optimization will involve relocating existing devices, adding new devices, removing older devices and removing assets that are underutilized and / or too abundant.  This includes both networked devices as well as personal printers connected directly to business computers.  

  • How will Wright State University’s transition to Managed Print Services (MPS) affect me?

    For you, the end users, this program will provide new or enhanced capabilities and improved reliability.


    • Secure print option
    • Scan-to- email
    • 2-sided printing
    • Faxing integrated with printing, copying and scanning on one device.

    Capabilities include:

    • Color printing will be available to meet business requirements
    • Provide newer, more efficient and reliable technology
    • Proactive monitoring of device alerts helpdesk for assistance.
    • Device supplies (toner) will be proactively ordered and sent the device contact.
    • If a device is temporarily not available, you can easily print to another device with the same capabilities without resending the document from your PC.
  • Will the future output state provided by Xerox be environmentally friendly?

    Yes! Xerox can provide superior ink technology that conserves raw materials, generates 90% less waste, and lowers operating costs. Also, the desired state can reduce energy consumption up to 50%.

  • What are some tips for conservation in an office?

    There are multiple ways to conserve in your area:

    • Replace older products with new, more energy-efficient devices
    • Consolidate assets, replacing individual copiers, faxes and printers with multifunction systems. By consolidating a copier, printer, fax machine and scanner into one multi-function device (MFD), energy savings of 50% can be realized.
    • Take advantage of power-saver features built into your systems and do NOT turn off devices at night. A total power down / power up takes more energy than allowing the device to go into sleep mode.
    • Use paper efficiently. Print duplex (double sided) where ever possible.
    • Re-examine office processes; can you use electronic document storage instead of printing hard copies? Use e-mail and scan to file options.
    • Return unused supplies!
    • Share documents among your peers instead of printing multiple copies
    • Recycle!
  • How was printer location determined?

    Printer capabilities and placement will be based upon the identified needs and feedback received from the users during Voice of the Customer and/or Information Sessions.

Installation Information

  • What is the install process?
    • 5 weeks prior to install, Managed Print Team will meet with department to conduct pre-install walk thru and finalized device placement.
    • 1 week prior to install, training will be held for Key Device Operators in your area.
  • What do I need to do prior to install?

    Make sure all your print jobs are removed from your department’s Woodhull device.

  • What do I need to do the day of install?

    Attend “at device” training with Xerox trainer.

  • How will new print drivers be installed?

    CaTS employees will be on-site to install new print drivers for new networked devices.

  • What if I am not available at the time of install?

    Please go to the following link to install print drivers for your area. http://www.wright.edu/business-and-finance/campus-auxiliary-and-business... For additional support contact the CaTS Help Desk x4827.

  • Is a Wright 1 Card needed to access my device?

    A Wright One Card is the easiest way to access the Multifunction devices (MFD). MFD devices can also be accessed by logging into device with your w###abc and password.

Equipment Removal

  • What is the exception/waiver process?

    The Print Wright Advisory Board(previously Governance Committee), consisting of faculty and staff, will continue to review exceptions and/or waiver request for university support of desktop printers and to the future state scenario.  Please use this form.

  • Will I keep my personal printer?

    The new Wright State University Print Policy establishes that personal printers are not preferred due to financial and sustainability reasons. Your department Dean/VP will provide additional guidelines.

  • Will you take my printer?

    Network devices, if able to retain access to available network drops, will continue to be maintained on the network for 30 days after successful implementation.  At that time, the devices will be removed and handled via the normal ESPM process by the MPS team.

    Desktop devices will only be removed upon request.  If request is made prior to, or at the time of installation, the ESPM process will be handled by the MPS team.  If desktop devices are requested to be removed at any time after installation, the user will need to initiate the ESPM process.  The University will continue to support desktop devices for 30 days after successful implementation.

    Any request for exceptions to the above must be submitted to the Print Wright Advisory Board(previously Governance Committee). Please complete the attached form(link)

  • What should we do with current supplies?

    Unopened Woodhull supplies will be picked up with devices after Xerox install. All desktop printer supplies should be submitted using ESPM protocol.

  • What if I want to give up my desktop device?

    If you would like to give up your desktop device prior to install, simply go through the ESPM process of disposing of property.

  • When will the University stop buying toner?

    The University will continue to support desktop devices for 30 days after successful implementation.


  • What if I need training?

    A Xerox trainer will be providing training on the day of installation. See below for additional training documents:

  • How do I order paper?

    The departments will order paper through our office supply contractor via Wright Buy. 

  • What is the device timeout?

    For increased security the device will timeout 30 seconds after you swipe your badge and there is no other activity. NOTE: if your job is in process of printing and the device times out, your output will still print.

  • How do I know which printer is located closest to my work area?

    The easiest way is to walk the surrounding area and locate the nearest printer. In the future a device list by location will be posted.

  • How do I map to a printer?

    Please go to the following link to install print drivers for your area. http://www.wright.edu/business-and-finance/campus-auxiliary-and-business... For additional support contact the CaTS Help Desk x4827.

  • Will I be able to scan color documents?

    Yes, all the Multifunction Devices (MFD) will scan in color, including the B&W MFDs. See the instructions on how to scan hard copy documents to the e-mail instructions.

  • How do I scan hard copy documents to e-mail?

    At the Multi-function Device:

    1. Place originals face up in the document feeder or face down on the glass.
    2. Select the E-mail icon on the MFD control panel
    3. You will see your email address populated in the “To” and “From” fields
    4. Select any options such as double sided
    5. Press the green button to Start the job
    6. Press Log In/Out Button to log out

    NOTE: documents larger than 20 MB will be automatically divided into two or more files.

  • How do I change the email subject line when scanning documents?

    At the Multi-function Device:

    1. Place originals face up in the document feeder or face down on the glass.
    2. Select the E-mail icon on the MFD control panel
    3. You will see your email address populated in the “To” and “From” fields
    4. To adjust the email subject line, touch to the subject line and make your changes.
    5. Select any options such as double sided
    6. Press the green button to Start the job
    7. Press Log In/Out Button to log out

    NOTE: documents larger than 20 MB will be automatically divided into two or more files.

  • How long are jobs held in the device queue?

    Jobs left in the queue will be deleted after 12 hours.

  • Once I print to the print queue, can I delete the document?

    Yes, there is a delete print job feature at the device that you can access on the printer’s touch screen.

  • We are low on toner, how do I order additional toner?
    • Toner is monitored remotely and automatically shipped to the site when it reaches a specified level.
    • If for some reason you have not received a toner shipment or want to makes sure toner has been ordered, please call Xerox 855-500-4243
  • How do I make copies on the Xerox MFDs?
    1. Place your document face-up in the Document Feeder or face-down on the glass.
    2. Press the copy icon on the MFD’s touch screen.
    3. Change any of the defaults, as needed.
    4. Enter the number of copies to made.
    5. Press the green start button. 
  • How do I add paper to a Xerox printer?
    1. Push down on the release handle to open Paper Tray 1. The tray is located on the front of the printer.
    2. Pull out on the tray extension until it locks into place.
    3. Fan the paper to release sheets of paper that are stuck together. Make sure the edges of the stack are neat.
    4. Insert the paper into Tray 1.

    NOTE: Do not load the stock above the maximum fill line.

    1. Adjust the paper edge guides until the guides just touch the edges of the paper stack.
    2. Make sure correct paper type and size is selected on the Control Panel.
  • How do I copy small size originals?

    Place the item on the glass, select 8.5 x 11 paper under Output, and press enter. 

  • Why is the paper coming out of the machine curled?

    Paper should be opened and then placed immediately into the device. Paper that is sitting open (outside of the device) attracts water or dries out and will cause the paper to curl. For best results, unwrap the paper and place the entire ream in the device.

  • Is a Wright 1 Card needed to access my device?

    A Wright One Card is the easiest way to access the Multifunction devices (MFD). MFD devices can also be accessed by logging into device with your w###abc and password.

  • How do I print an A3 document on letter?

    End user needs to access Page Setup function in the driver and select the size. It will then print correctly on standard size documents.


Instructions for Installing Xerox Print Queue onto a Linux Workstation


Printing to Xerox devices through the university’s Managed Print program is facilitated using a software package called “Pharos”. On Windows and Mac workstations, a client is installed onto the workstation in order to facilitate printing. However, Pharos does not provide a client for Linux/Unix workstations, so CaTS has developed the following process in order to allow Linux users to print to the Xerox devices provided through the university’s Managed Print program.

In order to ensure the integrity of the financial aspect of the Managed Print program, Linux machines are only able to print to the Secure queue. This requires access to one of the Xerox multifunction printers with a card reader installed.

Download Configuration Script

  1. Log into a user account with rights to configure printers.
  2. Download the configuration script zip file: Linux_Xerox_Install.zip
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file. The zip file contains two files:
    1. xrx7855.ppd – This is the printer driver file
    2.  Linux_Install_Secure.sh—This is a bash script that installs the print queue using lpd/lpr and prompts for your username so print jobs are submitted attached to your username.
  4. From a terminal window, run the following command from within the folder location where the two files were extracted: bash ./Linux_Install_Secure.sh
    1. You may need to modify the file to permit executions and may need to run the script using sudo.
  5.  The print queue should now be installed.


  • Depending on the application used to print, you may need to change print options, including one‐sided vs. two‐sided; and monochrome vs. color.
  • This configuration will install the same printer across all users configured on the workstation; and will send all jobs to the queue with the username entered during the installation process. If you have a need to have multiple users use the same system, please contact CaTS at x4827.