Coronavirus Update

All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester and course information indicates whether they have set meet times or no meet times. Physical access to Dayton and Lake campuses is restricted to essential personnel. Read more.


Facilities Management and Campus Operations offers many services that help keep campus running smoothly, from the bookstore, design and construction, environmental health and safety, parking, and transportation, and more. We help keep the campus and it's facilities in safe, working order.

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Work Requests

Our customer care center is located at 065 Allyn Hall. Work requests can include parking services, cleaning requests, maintenance repairs, heating and cooling issues, restroom problems, grounds maintenance, recycling, painting, environmental safety and classroom concerns.

To place a work request or give feedback, please email us at and include the following information:

  1. Your name and phone number
  2. Location of work to be completed—room number and building
  3. A detailed description of the problem

For Emergencies

For an immediate response, please contact us at 937-775-4444 or, after business hours, call the Wright State police at 937-775-2111. Please do NOT report an emergency or urgent work requests by email.