WSU National Coming Out Day(s)- Identity & Service Centers October Bingo Breakfast Series

Monday, October 15, 9 am to 11 am
180 University Hall
Current Students

Join the Identity & Service Centers: (Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, Office of Latinx, Asian, and Native American (LANA) Affairs, Office of LGBTQA Affairs, The Women's Center, Office of Disability Services, Veteran and Military Center) for the October Bingo Breakfast Series

3 Mondays- 3 Breakfasts

Visit all the bingo dates and locations below to be entered in a raffle to win a pair of BEATS headphones. 


Monday, October 8th Millett 148 Multicultural Lounge 9am-11am 

Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center 

Office of Latinx, Asian, and Native American Affairs 

Women's Center 

Office of LGBTQA Affairs 


Monday, October 15th 180 University Hall 9am-11am 

Office of Disability Services 


Monday, October 22nd 131 Allyn Hall 9am-11am 

Veteran and Military Center




For information, contact
Office of LGBTQA

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