Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Thursday, June 26, 2014, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Foundation Bldg boardroom 112 A&B

“We tend to judge others by their behavior and ourselves by our intentions.”
Alfred F. Schlieder
Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior
Ever work with someone you thought exhibited ‘difficult’ behavior? Is it possible YOU have been thought of as ‘difficult’ by others? Are you looking for ideas about how to help resolve conflict – while also seeing some benefit from some degree of conflict? If you answered ‘Yes.’ or ‘Absolutely!’ to any of those questions, the next program from the Office of Organizational Development and Learning is ideal for you and your situation.
The next course from OD and Learning is Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior. Open to all WSU staff/faculty, the program is within the three-part Unlocking Your Potential series (the other two courses, necessary to earn a certificate, are Teamwork: Understanding Ourselves/Understanding Each Other and Effective Communication: Essential to Success). All three programs are from OD and Learning’s WSU Professional Development Alliance.
Resolving Conflict focuses on … understanding different styles of behavior; analyzing your relationships; coping with rocky relationships; keys to improving relationships at work; knowing some conflict CAN be useful; resolving non-productive conflict, constructively; dealing with ‘difficult’ behavior at work; realizing it’s the behavior – not the person – that’s difficult; knowing what works – and, what doesn’t; a conflict resolution process.
Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult Behavior will be offered on Thursday, June 26 from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM in the Foundation Building, Room 112 A&B (across Colonel Glenn Hwy. – directly behind Wendy’s). If you’re interested in attending the program, or if you want to nominate/register someone for attendance, please contact Organizational Development and Learning at or call extension 4705.
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Albert Bondurant
Executive Director

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