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Masters Thesis Defense “Leveraging blockchain to mitigate the risk of counterfeit microelectronics in its supply chain” By Aman Ali Pogaku

Friday, December 13, 2019, 11 am to 1 pm
304 Russ Engineering
Current Students

Committee:  Drs. Yong Pei, Advisor, Mateen Rizki, and Kendall Goodrich (Marketing)


System on Chip (SoC) is the backbone component of the electronics industry nowadays. ASIC- and FPGA-based SoC’s are the two most popular methods of manufacturing SoC’s. However, both ASIC and FPGA industries are plagued with risks of counterfeits due to the limitations in Security, Accountability, Complexity, and Governance of their supply chain management. As a result, current practices of these microelectronics supply chain suffer from performance and efficiency bottlenecks.

In this research, we are incorporating blockchain technology into the FPGA and ASIC microelectronic supply chain to help mitigate the risk of the counterfeit microelectronics through a secure and decentralized solution that is resilient to tampering of transaction records. We present a generalizable design framework of blockchain managed supply chains focusing on the SoC industries, including both FPGA and ASIC based solutions. This research also produced a working prototype for the transfer of assets in a supply chain with Blockchain at its backend. We also address the various other requirements of an enterprise blockchain setup like governance, permissioning, scalability, accountability, privacy and security.  

Our prototype, built upon Hyperledger Composer, illustrates that Blockchain can help in ensuring the integrity of the microelectronics in their supply chain. Moreover, the proposed solution can be used by a large-scale microelectronics ecosystem by having it deployed in the cloud and operated as a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform.

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